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    Friday, August 29, 2008

    Links to Both Articles on the HCA & the Huntington Beach event

    In case anyone is interested in reading that story written up on my group and the Huntington Beach Civil War Days event, and published in Thursday's paper, here are the direct links to the two papers/stories:

    HB Independent:
    Article Name: Interacting Reenactment
    (By Candice Baker)

    Daily Pilot:
    Article Name: Life Circa the Civil War

    (By Candice Baker)

    (It's the same story, just different pictures used to illustrate - both pictures were used in the hardcopy version of the story).

    In the Print version - The Daily Pilot story is found on page 8 & 9 (and both pictures are used). I've seen this one. =) The HB Independent apparently has a COLOR photo of us on the front page of the section. How cool is that?!?


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