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    Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    George the Cat - Needs a New Home (ASAP)

    A bit over a week ago I got a surprise call from a friend who urgently needed someone to foster (& hopefully eventually adopt) a stray cat that she no longer could adopt herself. George the cat was being picked up from the Vet that afternoon (a Saturday) and couldn't go home with her. While George was fairly healthy (finished with round 2 of the fleas/mites treatment, 1 more to go), and has been neutered, he DOES have the equivalent to "kitty AIDs".  Unfortunately, while he's perfectly fine to be around humans (and I believe dogs), he cannot be around other cats as he would transmit the disease to them. (He's basically a carrier/transmitter and also has a compromised immune system so would get sick from other sick pets.) Thus, he could not be released back into "the Wild" (of East LA) or adopted by my friend (who already had a grown cat).

    So since she couldn't find anyone else in the short time frame (literally hours) before she had to pick George up from the vet and she didn't want to Euthanize him, I agreed to temporarily foster him.

    Which means by that Saturday evening (5/18) I had a new (albeit temporary) Roommate!

    Everyone, meet George the Cat.

    Mostly this past week he's been locked in my bathroom, but I am happy to report that he is definitely litter box trained (only 1 non-litter box incident that first day/night but no problems since that time). He's mostly been hiding in the "cave" I made from taking out the bottom drawer of a plastic 3 drawer bin and putting his bed there instead, but I attribute a lot of that to all the changes he's had recently. I know he's definitely gotten used to the 'morning routine' I started as he now braves coming out of the cave to meow at me if he thinks I'm too slow in putting his food out for him. :) About mid last week I even started keeping the bathroom door open (while I was home) to see if he would venture out and explore, but so far he sticks to the 'comfort' of the cave in the bathroom.

    Unfortunately, I cannot adopt him permanently (various reasons) so I thought I'd advertise through my blog & other social media and see if anyone I know (or acquainted with online) would be interested in adopting a really nice (& mellow) grown cat? Anyone? He just can't be around other cats and needs to stay indoors. (And he has 1 more flea/mite treatment coming up in less than a week, but then he's done.)

    Would anyone in the Orange County/Los Angeles/San Diego area be interested in adopting him? (Soon?)
    The few supplies (litter box, couple of toys, bed, food etc. ) that I have for him would definitely go with him.

    Please message me (Twitter/Facebook etc.) for more details if you're interested.
     Twitter: @MarcailGaelyn
     Facebook: rebecca.thelin.5

    Thanks!! :)