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    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Fwd: [C&C] Guinea Pig Review - November 2008

    Just wanted to share a fun article. I'm the "Guinea Pig of the Month" for Cloak & Corset.
    Enjoy the read!


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    Subject: [C&C] Guinea Pig Review - November 2008
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    Brookwaite's The Cloak and Corset
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    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Hi Rebecca,

    In a recent Guinea Pig Review, we put out a call for you to submit garments from specific time periods. Rebecca responded immediately and submitted her 1920s day dress for a Review.

    Rebecca is the President of the Historical Citizens Association and has been sewing for a number of years. But her techniques on this garment may surprise, and encourage, you and how you think about putting together a historical ensemble in a pinch.

    For all the details and pictures on this month's Guinea Pig Review, go to the Guinea Pig page of our website.

    Have you submitted your current, completed, or partially completed historical costumes or projects from the 1780s, 1840s, 1880s, or 1920s yet?

    To teach others in the Cloak & Corset community and receive your f.r.e.e report, Quick and Easy Undersleeves, please drop us a line at and tell us what clothing article you would like to submit.  Ginny will be waiting to hear from you!

    Happy Sewing and Reading!

    Sara Cornthwaite
    Co-Owner and Novice/Intermediate Sewer

    P.S. Please see the Guinea Pig Review Archive page for an explanation about where the October Review went.

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    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Attempt #1 for 1930s Hair

    Ok, so here are a few pics of me attempting to do a Wave look for my upcoming 1930s look.

    I've been referencing some books I recently purchased, like The Art of Finger Waves: Recreating 1920s and 1930s Hairstyles and a copy of a March 1937 "Modern Beauty Shop" magazine. Both are such fun to look through!

    Tonight's attempt is with some styling gel and metal wave clips I picked up yesterday at Sally Beauty Shop (on my lunch break).

    Finger's crossed for how the finished result turns out!

    Anyways, here's some pics of me putting my hair in the clips, etc.

    And the end result (2 hrs later) - it really didn't take. Too bad!
    Live and learn. Oh well!

    So, either I needed A LOT more gel, &/or I needed A LOT more time to have my hair dry (cause its still pretty damp and I can't stand for an hour attempting to blow dry my hair...just not realistic)...OR, I should just try the styling lotion. Guess that's what I'm doing next time in attempt #2. (Which might be tomorrow night...we'll see =).

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    My Busy Busy Weekend (10/17-10/19)

    Where to begin? Such a busy weekend.

    It sure seemed like the official Birthday Weekend. Not only did I attend a bunch of Birthday parties (and parties in general), other friends of mine I talked with were attending parties all weekend (or it SEEMED that way!).

    Let's see, on Friday I went home early cause I wasn't feeling too well. Let's just say that a heating pad and pain meds helped me feel *much* better a few hours later so I could actually attend the 2 parties I had planned for Friday evening. Yes, I did mention 2 parties in one evening!

    The first party of the evening was actually a "Block Party" at South Coast Plaza. Candice got an invite (through work) and she invited me to go along with her. (You rock Candice! =). Her husband Matt was able to come along with us, so the three of us wandered around, tasting the different foods they had out at various stations and in the stores in the designated section of the 3rd floor where the Block Party was happening. Bands played loud music that competed with the DJs in just about each and every store (that participated in the Block Party), so that it was definitely a noisy affair. =)

    All in all, it was interesting experience and I think the highlight of the time spent there was when Candice & I stood in line at Oliver Peoples for a 1/2 hour (barely moving 10 feet in that time) just to watch a Candy Artist at work. He was AMAZING! We both watched him create these candy sculptures out of blobs of molten candy (I'm assuming sugar based). He'd stretch and twist and occasionally use pliers and Viola! a Hummingbird (in multi-colors) that was about to gather nectar from a hibiscus flower! Or a Butterfly landing on a red rose. Or two giraffes (mom & baby) dancing. Or two dolphins playing with a wave crashing around them. Or a Dragon with a spiny tail that wrapped around the stick. (Oh yeah, each of these creations was on a long stick). Or a panda bear sitting in a patch of grass. The list could go on and on, but those were all definitely some of the creations we personally saw made in front of us. So neat! We were determined to get one for ourselves...but when 7:30pm rolled around, and there was no way we'd get to the front of the line before 8pm (and we both had other things we were going to later on that evening), we resigned ourselves to the fact that at least we got a cool memory. (Now if only either of us had a camera on us. Doh! =).

    After the Candy Artist, we three got our free ice cream (from one of the fashion stores - it was part of their gimmick to get people to visit) and headed out of the roped off "Block Party" area and down to the coffee shop section of Borders, where we could sit and eat our ice cream in peace and just chat for a bit. That was nice. =)

    So about 8pm I got on the road to go to my next party, which was up in LA. When I got the invitation, it said is was just an 'informal get together' to hang out, have drinks and such. But apparently it was also a birthday party for 2 people cause they brought out a birthday cake (and surprised at least one of the two, I think) at some point in the evening. The party was held at Riz's, which I had only been to once before (and I was a bit out of it that one time), so I didn't really have a good idea of what his place looked like, etc. When I arrived (a bit after 9pm), the street was SUPER crowded. I drove past his place twice (without finding the apartment) while searching for a spot to park. Eventually, I called and got ahold of my friend David, who was also at the party, who was able to point out which place was Riz's, so I could at least *find* the party. =) (Thanks David!). After driving around for a few more minutes, I eventually circled back and low-and-behold! A spot on the street not *too* far from Riz's had opened up! So I quickly snatched it up.
    Overall, I had a good time, but there were a few spots where I was when the conversation turned to politics. And since almost no one there knows my political leanings (except for like one person), and I was the 'odd person out', I just kept my mouth shut to avoid confrontation...especially since those who were expressing opinions definitely had a few drinks under their belts. I really didn't feel like add 'fuel to the fire', so to speak. And there really was no point in creating an argument at that point, so I just sad and endured when my political group/beliefs were occasionally bashed.

    Anyways, like I said - *overall* the party was actually fun! (I had like 1/2 a glass of some alcoholic drink - might have been port - and kept to water most of the evening). I got to meet and talk with a lot of people, some of which were at Jeeves & Wooster, but I didn't really get to talk with them much prior to the Friday party. As someone who likes to just hang out with people and socialize, chatting on random topics of conversation, this was definitely up my alley.

    Well, the party ended just before 3am, so when I was offered a spot to crash on the 2nd couch (i.e. a small/2 person couch) at Riz's instead of driving home while tired...I was fairly easily talked into staying. (I did have the 'party/socialization adrenaline' going for me, but as it was 2:4am, I was a bit worried about that 1/2 way point during my hour drive home. Which is why it didn't take them that long to convince me to just crash on the couch. Thanks guys! =).

    After a few hrs sleep, I did manage to drive home, get showered and ready for the day. Or, well, enough ready that I could reasonably function around other people. ;-) (I was still *quite* tired, obviously. I had hoped to squeze in a quick power nap after my shower, but never did get the opportunity. Too bad.)

    I met up with my folks/family who were just finishing a round of mini-golf at Camelot and we all had a pizza lunch together. (That was yummy pizza by the way...and I was starving since I hadn't really eaten yet that morning). Then after lunch, we all did another round of mini-gold (I took over Kyle's spot as he had to leave to work), and I won! =) So awesome!!! I never win at mini-golf! I got 47 points overall AND I got my ball into the 19th hole - the one where you try to get it in some ridiculous spot in order to win a free game...which I did!
    How cool is that?!?

    At this point, Dad, Mom, & Tim took off, but Sara, Jeremiah, & I played one last round (after I ran out to Carls Jr for some Ice Tea me and Ice water for them). Even though I lost that one, I had fun...and I wasn't too far 'above par', at least. That's something.

    Next we three joined up with my folks at the Garden Grove Regal to watch 'City of Ember' (good movie, btw!), and then we all walked over to have Sushi at this little place nearby (that my folks love). I stopped at my folks place to pick up a few things, and of course we got to talking. But eventually I did take off and came come...and crashed in bed! And that was the end of Saturday.

    On Sunday, I had yet ANOTHER birthday party to attend. This one was for Liz Galvan, who just turned 13...and it was a surprise party! And she sure was surprised. It was great! I got to be the unofficial photographer too. And as most people know, I'm a shutterbug! Love taking pics. Now I just need to take the pics off my camera, and put the party pics on a disc for Sabine (my friend/Liz's mom).

    After I left the party, I headed home to get some stuff done. I redid my nails (trying to keep them painted so I don't bite them - which is definitely takes effort to keep the painted nails looking nice!). I worked a bit more on my civil war aprons (really belated presents for a few people =), and then I *finally* got around to ironing my new skirt fabric.

    I'm really going to need to buckle down now and work on that new 1930s skirt. My plan is to cut out the fabric on Monday night, and start sewing on Tuesday. But we'll see. The material is slippery, and that always means extra time cutting it out. Plus I'll probably need to make time to practice my 1930s hair. But that's a side issue.

    And so, back to the main point - that wraps up my busy busy weekend!

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    the best laid plans...

    well, yesterday I took off early (as it was slow at work) so I could get some sewing accomplished. Only thing - I stopped by Jenn Mulvey's work on my way home in order to drop off a pattern, and we got to talking about event planning details for Moorpark (our next event)...and that was enough to kick me into planning mode (or the 'planning zone').

    Which means I ended up spending more time planning yesterday afternoon (working on schedules and the like) than I did actual sewing. Oh well. Fortunately, it was stuff that needed to be worked on, so it wasn't like I wasted my time or anything. And I did make a bit of progress on my sewing. (Not as much as I had originally hoped to accomplish, but any progress is better than none).

    Only downside is the fact that we're a little behind on our planning right now (due to various circumstances), so this morning I just received an email from the event organzier with a 'published' official schedule...including the one for civilians. Doh! He used the information we submitted last year and just plugged that in. And that schedule doesn't work for us this year. So I quickly dashed off an email to him requesting if we can change the civilian schedule since it's not conducive to our group's scheduled activities & demonstrations. We were actually planning on emailing the rest of our group today to nail down our final schedule and get commitments from various people to participate/lead certain activities and demos throughout the weekend with the hope of sending the finalized schedule to the organizers sometime over this weekend (18th/19th).

    Fingers crossed that we can still get some of our events into the 'official' schedule. It would be nice to be listed correctly. (They do print off the schedule for the spectators, as well as announce the upcoming activities from a loudspeaker on site).

    ok. Guess that's it for now.

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    New Fabric for my 1930s Skirt

    Isn't it Lovely?! My new Red Fabric for my 1930s Shaped Seam Skirt.

    On Monday (10/13), I drove up after work to visit with the Hensleys and go fabric shopping!! Yes, I was *finally* getting around to purchasing some fabric for my new 1930s skirt.

    In an effort to save money and time, I had decided that instead of creating a whole NEW outfit for the Cicada Club (which I would LOVE to do, if I had the time/money), I would just update my 1930s outfit by making a new skirt that was more suitable for an evening look than my current 'afternoon' wool skirt.

    Therefore, since Maegen was willing to go fabric shopping with me (and I always like a second opinion when looking at colors and fabric types), I made time in my schedule to drive up to the Fullerton area. By the time I arrived at the Hensleys' place, Maegen was just behind me in arriving, and soon the whole family (Charlie, Rhiannon, & Maegen) and I loaded up into their car and took off for JoAnns.

    After browsing through a few areas of the store, for various items, Maegen & I finally ended up in the home textiles section and found this lovely red/black fabric ('silkessense' - i.e. a poly blend =). When my gold fabric swatch for my blouse was held up next to it, we both just fell in love with how the two just "popped" when combined. I had to have it as my new skirt!

    And fortunately for me, the fabric was even on sale! How awesome is that?!? What timing!

    And now I just need to wash (and iron) the fabric, cut out the skirt pieces, and start sewing. Shouldn't take *too* long...just need to get started....soon. =)

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    time for the Costume College (2008) Postmortem

    Well, time flies and it sure seems to be speeding along these days. Today is the Costume College 2008 Postmortem (a kind of debriefing meeting) which is being help up in the LA area from 11am till whenever. =) (It should only last a couple of hours...hopefully). Once we finish with the meeting, its time for the 2009 committee members to start planning and having meetings and such. And guess what? I'm on next year's committee too...although this time I won't be serving as Roommate Coordinator. I'll be training someone else while I take over the Information/Check-In department. (Cool, I know - it fits me since I do like to know practically everything =).

    Anyways, must be off. Have to go print up some papers for my Roommates binder (so I can hand it off to the next Coordinator) and my official report for the 2008 year since I forgot to print off the papers earlier in the week.


    Friday, October 10, 2008

    fun browsing through old recipes

    So, since I've had a lot of downtime at work lately (ugh! I hate being bored from lack of work), I've been catching up on a few things and starting to plan for upcoming events and the like. Which means....drumroll...I am back to browsing through my historical cook books for recipe inspiration for my next event.


    As my next event is Moorpark, and as a group Oak Street is getting larger (by the minute it sometimes seems), and as I still do not have any dedicated "kitchen staff" to help me run the kitchen of the Inn full time, I'm back to doing 2 simple 'community' mid-day meals for the weekend: Stew! Good thing everyone likes my stew(s)! They are quite tasty, if I do say so myself. :-D I'll most likely end up doing a chicken stew one day and a beef stew the other day. Moorpark tends to be a cold event, so a warm meal each day will be a treat. (Last year it was drizzling/raining on us all Sunday morning, and we were SO wishing we had something warm to eat!)

    And as I am only concentrating on 2 community meals, which have pretty simple prep and just need to be checked on and stirred once in a while while cooking (although the fire/coals need to be checked a bit more often to make sure those are still burning/glowing brightly), this means I can actually take some time at this event to do some 'for fun' cooking as my cooking demonstrations going on throughout the day. (Not that I want to be next to the fire/in the kitchen *all* day...but I'd like to try out a few new recipes and cooking techniques on a small scale at a cool temperature event while I can! =). My 'for fun' cooking would be Saturday's Breakfast & Supper and Sunday's Breakfast...and it would only be for 3-4 people (including myself).

    I was going back and forth between a few recipes, but I believe I've finally decided upon what I want to cook for supper on Saturday.

    Minced Meat, served on warm toast, and
    Baked Potatoes (in their jackets)

    (I haven't decided what vegetable to serve with it yet. Perhaps a winter squash? But anyways, I still have time to decide).

    The other recipes that were up for consideration:
    *Meat Pies (probably beef)
    *Chicken Fricassee (either Brown or White)
    *Salt Pork & Apples (which also includes potatoes in the recipe).

    All would be interesting to cook on site, and in my cast iron (dutch ovens & skillets).

    For breakfasts, I'm going to be pretty simple (since I will be getting up early, in the cold, to get the fire started so that we can all have hot coffee or tea...or even hot chocolate. =). This year I'd like to warm up some biscuits and do a quick gravy, so we (Lana, Jenn & I) can have something warm to eat (and not buy from the vendors on site). Otherwise, we'll be having the usual fare of hardboiled eggs, cottage cheese, and some cut mellon. (Generally we need a quick and easy breakfast since we have to get ready for the day before the spectators arrive, etc.).

    Well, that's it for now. Must get back to my other work.

    Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    Report on my Halloween Haunt Excursion

    Ok. so as promised here's my update on my very first ever trip to Halloween Haunt (Knotts Scary Farm)

    Overall, I did enjoy the trip/event. It wasn't nearly as scary as some people kept making it out to be. (The hype was more than the actual scare).

    We got in like 45 min. early as we bought the dinner tickets ("The Boo-fet")...and that was worth the price alone just to get in before the park got crowded! We knocked out a few rides & mazes right away with barely any line. That was great!

    While we were waiting to be let in, they let us ride on Ghost Rider (one of my favorite wooden roller coasters, even though it does scare me cause of the drops - I have a thing about heights and falling ;-). Although doing that ride SO soon after eating might not have been the wisest choice...but oh well. We still had fun.

    The first stop, once we were let into the park, was the Log Ride, or "Pyromaniax" as it was renamed (and redecorated). It was one of the rides that had people stationed throughout jumping out at you. We barely had to wait in line (which was awesome) while they finished testing the ride (and presumably getting all the scarers in place) and we were soon led to our log and on our way. I must say that was the only time throughout the night that they people jumping out at me actually got me like *each and every* time! LOL! And it was pretty much the only time throughout the evening that I *actually screamed* from being startled. It was Fun, though. I really did enjoy being startled on this ride. =) They did a good job. And it was a good thing I was wearing my purple rain coat and my Keen boots, since I was sitting in the front and got a good share of the splash zone on me. (Not enough to get me thoroughly soaked, mind you...just a good splatter all over the front of me =).

    Next up - the Black Widow's Cavern. (aka the slow moving mine trade ride). We were stuck in a cart with a bunch of screaming teenage girls. Ugh! The decor was pretty cheesy, but it was all in good fun. In all honesty, though there was *one* huge spider creature (marionette type thing) that was partially shrouded in fog that jumped out at the cart, and I did have an involuntary reaction to pull away - but it was hard to not when something that big comes towards you. =).

    Afterwards, we headed back through the park towards the Mystery Maze and the '13 Axe Murder Manor' (aka the 'Victorian Manor'). This was a well done maze. And it was especially spooky as our first time through there were few others wandering through with us...which made the suspension of reality a bit easier (especially in the darkened rooms). A few people actually managed to get me to start (or on some occasions at least slightly start) a few times while going through this maze (especially in the darkened rooms, when no one else was around and the scarer was well hidden). Overall, I liked this maze, and at the end of the night, I believe the three of us had come to agree that this particular maze was the best of the ones we had gone through.

    Another maze where someone got me was the 'Labyrinth' located in "The Gauntlet" (aka Camp Snoopy). It's a new maze, and it was really neat (all fantasy creatures and some things/decoration that reminded me of the movie Pan's Labyrinth). When I was distracted to turn my head and look at a monster/statue that was part of the decor (when the Mulvey's pointed it out), I turned my head back to look forward at where I was going...and found a creature/scarer inches from my face! I certainly did start! (The Mulvey's loved it! =).

    Later on in the evening, when we were going through another new maze, the "Corn Stalkers" (a cursed cornfield in Kansas with some fo the evil minion of the Wicked Witch of Oz) that had some potential for being scary...but there were too many people going through it. One scarer dressed in all black and hidden up and to the side of the doorway to a barn like structure actually got me to start as he stuck his fingers (with these little clicker things) right in my face as I was pushing aside the shredded black curtains that covered the doorway. It was a good hiding place! I didn't see/expect that scarer at all! Near the end of the maze, one of the scarers got Jenn really good as she was passing by the outhouse type structures (and of course a few people were using it as hiding spots).

    I think the one that distrubed me the most (not scared, just distrubed) was the Slaughterhouse. While my least favorite (not as distrubing though as the Slaughterhouse) was the Killer Clown Kollege. Clowns just aren't that scary to me (except for the one in the movie It...but that's a whole different story! =).

    When I was a bit nervous going through the mazes, especially earlier in the night when I didn't know what to expect, there weren't many people in the mazes (or the park) and I was still fresh on all the hype of being scared, I started using nervous laughter to help me 'buck up' and get through the mazes. But after a while...I just didn't need that anymore. And I started laughing at other people's reactions (those who actually were truly frieghtened) when one of the scarers zeroed in on the person/people and started tormenting them. It was actually kinda funny...especially when I saw 4 teenagers (2 boys & 2 girls) huddled together - arm in arm - trying to navigate the 'Alien Annihilation' maze without being picked on. It was just amusing to me. How funny is that?

    Guess I'm just more scared by scary movies since I get all caught up in the imagination world and in this one I can separate out the real vs. the imaginary and I can usually spot the people hidden, etc.).

    So, and after a while I started 'taking point' in going through the mazes, since the workers inside didn't really faze me (though they tried). I just grinned...and stared them down. I got pretty good at spotting the various hiding places of the scarers (and telling which ones were manicans and which were real people just holding still...waiting for someone to pounce on and scare).

    Of course, it was kinda hard to be scared when the park got full and you were just slowly walking through the maze, following along the line of people ahead of you (with more people behind you). That kinda took some of the 'scare factor' out. (That's probably why we liked the mazes we did earlier in the evening better - less people so it was easier to get scared).

    Anyways, we did every single one of the mazes (scattered throughout the park) and three scare zones (and the 2 themed rides) and got in 3 shows.

    Our first attempt to the "The Hanging: Oils Well that Ends Well" (which is the must see show for pretty much everyone since it lampoons all the recent pop culture stuff for the past year) was unsuccesful as the crew/program had technical difficulties that kept it from going on at the first scheduled performance. But we did eventually get to see it. It was interesting (sometimes crude, but overall pretty funny).

    When our first attempt to see The Hanging failed, we moved on to another show on our list. We went to the Charles Shulz theater and saw "Fangs - a Vampire Show" that was described as Comedy meets Vampires. It was ok - basically a chance to dress people (dancers/singers) up in sexy 'vamp' clothing and have them perform song/dance numbers that were 'vampire themed'. And then when they needed a costume change, they'd trot out two guys that were the comic relief and kept some weak form of a plot moving along. The funny thing is that I actually prefered the comic relief sections to the rest of the show! =) I would have liked it if there was more of those two guys. But whatever. It was...different, to say the least.

    The last show of the evening for us was The Hypno-Chick. Now normally I'm not too fond of hypnotists...but this gal was good and that particular show ended up with some real characters as participants. It was hillarious! We had a great time laughing at the silly antics of the participants. (Especially two in particular who made it memorable: the blonde girl and this one 'cool' guy...for lack of a better way to describe his attitude). The Blonde's reaction to the suggestoin of a stampede was just, well, beyond words! Her antics definitely set the tone for the night.

    Around midnight, we had hit all the rides & such, so Jenn & I each decided it was time for a carmel apple. (Yum!) We were passing by a candy shop in the Old West section (just as you get to the area with the train station, etc.) when we realized that they probably had carmel apples. And we were right! We each got a carmel apple (with nuts - and sliced up for easier eating) and the three of us sat on a bench outside, people watching while we ate our respective apples.

    But by 12:20am we were tired, had finished with our carmel apples, and since we had just about done everything, we decided to call it a night.

    And that was it for us.

    That's my experience at Halloween Haunt this year!

    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Just a little update on things...

    Since its been SO slow at work these last few days (seriously!! It really needs to pick up around here soon), I thought I should probably post again to catch everyone up on some things.

    [SIDE NOTE: wouldn't you know I *finally* start working on a blog post...and work decides to pick up! LOL! Yea that it got busier here, though =) ].

    1. The Apartment/Bathroom Remodel is (basically) done!

    Finally! After 3 weeks, 6 days a week...the remodel is done! Well, except for one minor thing that hasn't yet been fixed (the drill bit broke when they went to drill holes for the toilet paper holder so that it can attach to the wall through the tiled section of the wall). But other than that, no more construction! Yes! Which means as of Saturday (Sept 27th) I officially began cleaning the apartment/my room of the layers of construction dust. It's still ongoing, but I'm finally making a discernable dent in my room. (I did my bookcase in the front/living room first - and between that dust and the dust I attempted to sweep up on the front porch - I ended up with a nice sinus headache later on. Ouch!)

    2. I'm going to Halloween Haunt on Oct 4th!!!

    Yes, indeed. I actually am *finally* going to Halloween Haunt. It's been on my 'to do' list for like...forever, but I never got around to going. But this year, Jenn Mulvey has decided to go for her birthday, so I'm joining her and Bryce this Saturday at Knotts for the Haunt. (Anyone else want to join us? Please do!!!!)

    And earlier in the day I'll be joining up with some of my friends to celebrate a few October birthdays at a Birthday lunch, which will be fun! =)

    3. I'm going to the Cicada Club on Oct 26th!

    Yet another item I've wanted to do at some point. And now that I have some friends going on the 26th, and they've invited me along, I'm going! (Need to update my 1930s outfit to be more evening wear oriented, but that shouldn't be *too* hard to do). I'm currently trying to figure out how to do a really great updo for my hair that's 1930s styled, but haven't come across too many reference pics for med-long length hair. I'd like to do some fingerwaves and curls, probably. (Not that I've tried fingerwaves on me before...which reminds me, I'll need to go buy some setting lotion if I'm going to pull this waved look off properly =).

    And since the Club will be featuring Dean Mora and his Orchestra, I think its time for me to start brushing up on my Swing Dancing so I can join in while I'm at the Cicada Club!

    4. Planning Mode for Moorpark (Civil War Event) is kicking in.

    Yes indeed. Now that we're about a month (or less) out from the next Civil War event that my group is attending, planning mode is certainly starting to kick in. I'll only be doing/serving two mid-day meals at this event (to my group's members who pre-register/RSVP), and doing a bit of 'for fun' cooking for basically just me and a couple of others throughout the day. And of course, since the event is in November, when the weather is cooler, I'll definitely be making my Mulled Cider! Yum!

    5. Costume College 2008 Postmortem / Costume College 2009 Planning

    Yup, it is already time for the CoCo 2008 Postmortem (Oct 12th in Santa Monica). I'll be attending and giving my report (which I still need to write - note to self) on the Roommates Dept. (As I was the Roommates Coordinator/Head for that Dept this last year...and the year before =). Next year, I'll be switching over to a different department (Information/Check-In) as the Head person and will train (unofficially assist) the new Roommates Coordinator. Should be fun! Plus its time to give our brief assesment/review of the classes we taught last year (which will be used most likely in a report at the Postmortem...or at least in reference for planning 2009 classes)...and that's something else I need to write up soon. (Just got an email from the CoCo 2009 Programming Chair asking for that summary report sometime this week). And I need to decide what classes I'd like to volunteer to teach next year. Hmm... Decisions. (Next year is an 18th Century Track. ).

    Which reminds me! I need to fill out my Costume College Membership form and have it ready to mail. (The window of time for CGW members to mail in their form is approaching soon! =)

    Ok. Well, I guess that's it for now. Must dash!