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    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Just a little update on things...

    Since its been SO slow at work these last few days (seriously!! It really needs to pick up around here soon), I thought I should probably post again to catch everyone up on some things.

    [SIDE NOTE: wouldn't you know I *finally* start working on a blog post...and work decides to pick up! LOL! Yea that it got busier here, though =) ].

    1. The Apartment/Bathroom Remodel is (basically) done!

    Finally! After 3 weeks, 6 days a week...the remodel is done! Well, except for one minor thing that hasn't yet been fixed (the drill bit broke when they went to drill holes for the toilet paper holder so that it can attach to the wall through the tiled section of the wall). But other than that, no more construction! Yes! Which means as of Saturday (Sept 27th) I officially began cleaning the apartment/my room of the layers of construction dust. It's still ongoing, but I'm finally making a discernable dent in my room. (I did my bookcase in the front/living room first - and between that dust and the dust I attempted to sweep up on the front porch - I ended up with a nice sinus headache later on. Ouch!)

    2. I'm going to Halloween Haunt on Oct 4th!!!

    Yes, indeed. I actually am *finally* going to Halloween Haunt. It's been on my 'to do' list for like...forever, but I never got around to going. But this year, Jenn Mulvey has decided to go for her birthday, so I'm joining her and Bryce this Saturday at Knotts for the Haunt. (Anyone else want to join us? Please do!!!!)

    And earlier in the day I'll be joining up with some of my friends to celebrate a few October birthdays at a Birthday lunch, which will be fun! =)

    3. I'm going to the Cicada Club on Oct 26th!

    Yet another item I've wanted to do at some point. And now that I have some friends going on the 26th, and they've invited me along, I'm going! (Need to update my 1930s outfit to be more evening wear oriented, but that shouldn't be *too* hard to do). I'm currently trying to figure out how to do a really great updo for my hair that's 1930s styled, but haven't come across too many reference pics for med-long length hair. I'd like to do some fingerwaves and curls, probably. (Not that I've tried fingerwaves on me before...which reminds me, I'll need to go buy some setting lotion if I'm going to pull this waved look off properly =).

    And since the Club will be featuring Dean Mora and his Orchestra, I think its time for me to start brushing up on my Swing Dancing so I can join in while I'm at the Cicada Club!

    4. Planning Mode for Moorpark (Civil War Event) is kicking in.

    Yes indeed. Now that we're about a month (or less) out from the next Civil War event that my group is attending, planning mode is certainly starting to kick in. I'll only be doing/serving two mid-day meals at this event (to my group's members who pre-register/RSVP), and doing a bit of 'for fun' cooking for basically just me and a couple of others throughout the day. And of course, since the event is in November, when the weather is cooler, I'll definitely be making my Mulled Cider! Yum!

    5. Costume College 2008 Postmortem / Costume College 2009 Planning

    Yup, it is already time for the CoCo 2008 Postmortem (Oct 12th in Santa Monica). I'll be attending and giving my report (which I still need to write - note to self) on the Roommates Dept. (As I was the Roommates Coordinator/Head for that Dept this last year...and the year before =). Next year, I'll be switching over to a different department (Information/Check-In) as the Head person and will train (unofficially assist) the new Roommates Coordinator. Should be fun! Plus its time to give our brief assesment/review of the classes we taught last year (which will be used most likely in a report at the Postmortem...or at least in reference for planning 2009 classes)...and that's something else I need to write up soon. (Just got an email from the CoCo 2009 Programming Chair asking for that summary report sometime this week). And I need to decide what classes I'd like to volunteer to teach next year. Hmm... Decisions. (Next year is an 18th Century Track. ).

    Which reminds me! I need to fill out my Costume College Membership form and have it ready to mail. (The window of time for CGW members to mail in their form is approaching soon! =)

    Ok. Well, I guess that's it for now. Must dash!


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