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    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Attempt #1 for 1930s Hair

    Ok, so here are a few pics of me attempting to do a Wave look for my upcoming 1930s look.

    I've been referencing some books I recently purchased, like The Art of Finger Waves: Recreating 1920s and 1930s Hairstyles and a copy of a March 1937 "Modern Beauty Shop" magazine. Both are such fun to look through!

    Tonight's attempt is with some styling gel and metal wave clips I picked up yesterday at Sally Beauty Shop (on my lunch break).

    Finger's crossed for how the finished result turns out!

    Anyways, here's some pics of me putting my hair in the clips, etc.

    And the end result (2 hrs later) - it really didn't take. Too bad!
    Live and learn. Oh well!

    So, either I needed A LOT more gel, &/or I needed A LOT more time to have my hair dry (cause its still pretty damp and I can't stand for an hour attempting to blow dry my hair...just not realistic)...OR, I should just try the styling lotion. Guess that's what I'm doing next time in attempt #2. (Which might be tomorrow night...we'll see =).

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