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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    New Fabric for my 1930s Skirt

    Isn't it Lovely?! My new Red Fabric for my 1930s Shaped Seam Skirt.

    On Monday (10/13), I drove up after work to visit with the Hensleys and go fabric shopping!! Yes, I was *finally* getting around to purchasing some fabric for my new 1930s skirt.

    In an effort to save money and time, I had decided that instead of creating a whole NEW outfit for the Cicada Club (which I would LOVE to do, if I had the time/money), I would just update my 1930s outfit by making a new skirt that was more suitable for an evening look than my current 'afternoon' wool skirt.

    Therefore, since Maegen was willing to go fabric shopping with me (and I always like a second opinion when looking at colors and fabric types), I made time in my schedule to drive up to the Fullerton area. By the time I arrived at the Hensleys' place, Maegen was just behind me in arriving, and soon the whole family (Charlie, Rhiannon, & Maegen) and I loaded up into their car and took off for JoAnns.

    After browsing through a few areas of the store, for various items, Maegen & I finally ended up in the home textiles section and found this lovely red/black fabric ('silkessense' - i.e. a poly blend =). When my gold fabric swatch for my blouse was held up next to it, we both just fell in love with how the two just "popped" when combined. I had to have it as my new skirt!

    And fortunately for me, the fabric was even on sale! How awesome is that?!? What timing!

    And now I just need to wash (and iron) the fabric, cut out the skirt pieces, and start sewing. Shouldn't take *too* long...just need to get started....soon. =)

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