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    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    time for the Costume College (2008) Postmortem

    Well, time flies and it sure seems to be speeding along these days. Today is the Costume College 2008 Postmortem (a kind of debriefing meeting) which is being help up in the LA area from 11am till whenever. =) (It should only last a couple of hours...hopefully). Once we finish with the meeting, its time for the 2009 committee members to start planning and having meetings and such. And guess what? I'm on next year's committee too...although this time I won't be serving as Roommate Coordinator. I'll be training someone else while I take over the Information/Check-In department. (Cool, I know - it fits me since I do like to know practically everything =).

    Anyways, must be off. Have to go print up some papers for my Roommates binder (so I can hand it off to the next Coordinator) and my official report for the 2008 year since I forgot to print off the papers earlier in the week.


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