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    Monday, October 20, 2008

    My Busy Busy Weekend (10/17-10/19)

    Where to begin? Such a busy weekend.

    It sure seemed like the official Birthday Weekend. Not only did I attend a bunch of Birthday parties (and parties in general), other friends of mine I talked with were attending parties all weekend (or it SEEMED that way!).

    Let's see, on Friday I went home early cause I wasn't feeling too well. Let's just say that a heating pad and pain meds helped me feel *much* better a few hours later so I could actually attend the 2 parties I had planned for Friday evening. Yes, I did mention 2 parties in one evening!

    The first party of the evening was actually a "Block Party" at South Coast Plaza. Candice got an invite (through work) and she invited me to go along with her. (You rock Candice! =). Her husband Matt was able to come along with us, so the three of us wandered around, tasting the different foods they had out at various stations and in the stores in the designated section of the 3rd floor where the Block Party was happening. Bands played loud music that competed with the DJs in just about each and every store (that participated in the Block Party), so that it was definitely a noisy affair. =)

    All in all, it was interesting experience and I think the highlight of the time spent there was when Candice & I stood in line at Oliver Peoples for a 1/2 hour (barely moving 10 feet in that time) just to watch a Candy Artist at work. He was AMAZING! We both watched him create these candy sculptures out of blobs of molten candy (I'm assuming sugar based). He'd stretch and twist and occasionally use pliers and Viola! a Hummingbird (in multi-colors) that was about to gather nectar from a hibiscus flower! Or a Butterfly landing on a red rose. Or two giraffes (mom & baby) dancing. Or two dolphins playing with a wave crashing around them. Or a Dragon with a spiny tail that wrapped around the stick. (Oh yeah, each of these creations was on a long stick). Or a panda bear sitting in a patch of grass. The list could go on and on, but those were all definitely some of the creations we personally saw made in front of us. So neat! We were determined to get one for ourselves...but when 7:30pm rolled around, and there was no way we'd get to the front of the line before 8pm (and we both had other things we were going to later on that evening), we resigned ourselves to the fact that at least we got a cool memory. (Now if only either of us had a camera on us. Doh! =).

    After the Candy Artist, we three got our free ice cream (from one of the fashion stores - it was part of their gimmick to get people to visit) and headed out of the roped off "Block Party" area and down to the coffee shop section of Borders, where we could sit and eat our ice cream in peace and just chat for a bit. That was nice. =)

    So about 8pm I got on the road to go to my next party, which was up in LA. When I got the invitation, it said is was just an 'informal get together' to hang out, have drinks and such. But apparently it was also a birthday party for 2 people cause they brought out a birthday cake (and surprised at least one of the two, I think) at some point in the evening. The party was held at Riz's, which I had only been to once before (and I was a bit out of it that one time), so I didn't really have a good idea of what his place looked like, etc. When I arrived (a bit after 9pm), the street was SUPER crowded. I drove past his place twice (without finding the apartment) while searching for a spot to park. Eventually, I called and got ahold of my friend David, who was also at the party, who was able to point out which place was Riz's, so I could at least *find* the party. =) (Thanks David!). After driving around for a few more minutes, I eventually circled back and low-and-behold! A spot on the street not *too* far from Riz's had opened up! So I quickly snatched it up.
    Overall, I had a good time, but there were a few spots where I was when the conversation turned to politics. And since almost no one there knows my political leanings (except for like one person), and I was the 'odd person out', I just kept my mouth shut to avoid confrontation...especially since those who were expressing opinions definitely had a few drinks under their belts. I really didn't feel like add 'fuel to the fire', so to speak. And there really was no point in creating an argument at that point, so I just sad and endured when my political group/beliefs were occasionally bashed.

    Anyways, like I said - *overall* the party was actually fun! (I had like 1/2 a glass of some alcoholic drink - might have been port - and kept to water most of the evening). I got to meet and talk with a lot of people, some of which were at Jeeves & Wooster, but I didn't really get to talk with them much prior to the Friday party. As someone who likes to just hang out with people and socialize, chatting on random topics of conversation, this was definitely up my alley.

    Well, the party ended just before 3am, so when I was offered a spot to crash on the 2nd couch (i.e. a small/2 person couch) at Riz's instead of driving home while tired...I was fairly easily talked into staying. (I did have the 'party/socialization adrenaline' going for me, but as it was 2:4am, I was a bit worried about that 1/2 way point during my hour drive home. Which is why it didn't take them that long to convince me to just crash on the couch. Thanks guys! =).

    After a few hrs sleep, I did manage to drive home, get showered and ready for the day. Or, well, enough ready that I could reasonably function around other people. ;-) (I was still *quite* tired, obviously. I had hoped to squeze in a quick power nap after my shower, but never did get the opportunity. Too bad.)

    I met up with my folks/family who were just finishing a round of mini-golf at Camelot and we all had a pizza lunch together. (That was yummy pizza by the way...and I was starving since I hadn't really eaten yet that morning). Then after lunch, we all did another round of mini-gold (I took over Kyle's spot as he had to leave to work), and I won! =) So awesome!!! I never win at mini-golf! I got 47 points overall AND I got my ball into the 19th hole - the one where you try to get it in some ridiculous spot in order to win a free game...which I did!
    How cool is that?!?

    At this point, Dad, Mom, & Tim took off, but Sara, Jeremiah, & I played one last round (after I ran out to Carls Jr for some Ice Tea me and Ice water for them). Even though I lost that one, I had fun...and I wasn't too far 'above par', at least. That's something.

    Next we three joined up with my folks at the Garden Grove Regal to watch 'City of Ember' (good movie, btw!), and then we all walked over to have Sushi at this little place nearby (that my folks love). I stopped at my folks place to pick up a few things, and of course we got to talking. But eventually I did take off and came come...and crashed in bed! And that was the end of Saturday.

    On Sunday, I had yet ANOTHER birthday party to attend. This one was for Liz Galvan, who just turned 13...and it was a surprise party! And she sure was surprised. It was great! I got to be the unofficial photographer too. And as most people know, I'm a shutterbug! Love taking pics. Now I just need to take the pics off my camera, and put the party pics on a disc for Sabine (my friend/Liz's mom).

    After I left the party, I headed home to get some stuff done. I redid my nails (trying to keep them painted so I don't bite them - which is definitely takes effort to keep the painted nails looking nice!). I worked a bit more on my civil war aprons (really belated presents for a few people =), and then I *finally* got around to ironing my new skirt fabric.

    I'm really going to need to buckle down now and work on that new 1930s skirt. My plan is to cut out the fabric on Monday night, and start sewing on Tuesday. But we'll see. The material is slippery, and that always means extra time cutting it out. Plus I'll probably need to make time to practice my 1930s hair. But that's a side issue.

    And so, back to the main point - that wraps up my busy busy weekend!

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