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    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    the best laid plans...

    well, yesterday I took off early (as it was slow at work) so I could get some sewing accomplished. Only thing - I stopped by Jenn Mulvey's work on my way home in order to drop off a pattern, and we got to talking about event planning details for Moorpark (our next event)...and that was enough to kick me into planning mode (or the 'planning zone').

    Which means I ended up spending more time planning yesterday afternoon (working on schedules and the like) than I did actual sewing. Oh well. Fortunately, it was stuff that needed to be worked on, so it wasn't like I wasted my time or anything. And I did make a bit of progress on my sewing. (Not as much as I had originally hoped to accomplish, but any progress is better than none).

    Only downside is the fact that we're a little behind on our planning right now (due to various circumstances), so this morning I just received an email from the event organzier with a 'published' official schedule...including the one for civilians. Doh! He used the information we submitted last year and just plugged that in. And that schedule doesn't work for us this year. So I quickly dashed off an email to him requesting if we can change the civilian schedule since it's not conducive to our group's scheduled activities & demonstrations. We were actually planning on emailing the rest of our group today to nail down our final schedule and get commitments from various people to participate/lead certain activities and demos throughout the weekend with the hope of sending the finalized schedule to the organizers sometime over this weekend (18th/19th).

    Fingers crossed that we can still get some of our events into the 'official' schedule. It would be nice to be listed correctly. (They do print off the schedule for the spectators, as well as announce the upcoming activities from a loudspeaker on site).

    ok. Guess that's it for now.

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