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    Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    sad news

    So I just found out (a moment ago) that my grandpa (dad's father), who doesn't have the greatest health and hasn't been doing too well lately, has an inoperable tumor that's on or near his liver. He goes in tomorrow to get a stint or something placed in him (to stop him from throwing up all the time, since the tumor is pressing up against some valve causing him to throw up a lot), but other than that...he pretty much has about a year or less to live.

    Depressing news.

    Knew he wasn't going to last forever, but still sad news to find out.

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    Andrew Wilson said...

    Becky, sorry to hear that. Keep praying because what do doctor's know that God doesn't? My dad should have died too many times over with all his medical difficulties. Yet, by the grace of God he is still here! I'll pray for your grandfather and family.