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    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Elsies's Interest'n News!!!!!

    Just had to forward this on. It's so fun to read through it. And, of course, it also helps explain a bit of who the characters are in my Civil War reenacting group (including my own Character of Violet). We're busy getting ready for the event this weekend in Huntington Beach, so this was emailed out to the group to refresh everyone on who's who, etc., especially since we have a lot of new people attending this event with us.

    aka - Miss Violet Johnson, Johnson Oak Inn (47 Oak St)

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Jennifer Mulvey
    Date: Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 11:02 AM
    Subject: [HistoricalCitizens] Elsies's Interest'n News!!!!!

    Hi All,

    Hopefully this will help all the new (and some of us seasoned)
    participants to know all the inside stuff that goes on in first
    person on site. Read and enjoy!

    Elsie's Interest'n News

    Johnson Oak Inn, Oak Street, North Carolina

    Since we've had all kinds of new people stop'n by the inn, I'd
    thought I write a wee bit to let you in on the go'ns on of this here
    town and all it's patrons. Follow along and you'll get the story.

    There's been some discussions lately on the alliances of the folks
    here. Figure'n my personal tears fall for neither side, I've heard
    the lady folk who run this Inn have declared this a neutral zone, but
    I've heard whispers for both sides from the various patrons. There's
    a big scuttle over a dinner to be held at the Inn in which Southern
    men of standing are attending and I've also heard tell a group of
    Northern soldiers are headed this way also. Lordy knows a certain
    Mrs. Cressman will let anyone in without any contesting.

    Let me tell you the tale of the Inn. Miss Violet Johnson & Mrs. Lily
    Cressman are sisters. Seems Violet has been running the Johnson Oak
    Inn because all the men folk went to fight'n or are six feet under.
    Before I arrived in this town I heard Violet got the Inn building
    burned down due to wild night and some soldiers. She still claims
    another story, but I've seen the glances. Once Lily heard, she packed
    everything up from living the snooty high life and came to help.
    Hense all the nice stuff here at our temporary Inn encampment. Now be
    cautious, cause Lily is a widow and she's looking for a new man, but
    he has to be someone of importance, (like have lots of "shiny stuff"
    attached to his uniform.)

    Oak Street has a Telegraph Office run by a fine gentleman named Mr.
    Thomas Alexander and his wife Mrs. Theresa Alexander. They often
    frequent the Inn for meals and conversation, as Theresa has become
    quite fond of the ladies of the Inn. I've heard tell recently the Mr.
    and Mrs. have gone to the next county over to visit the resident
    doctor there.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Rosbrugh currently stays at the Inn while her husband
    is off fighting in the war. She's fine lady and is always willing to
    give some advice on the fineries of fashion. She patiently waits to
    hear from her beloved, who is in the 2nd Vermont Troop (Union).

    The Hensley's are new to the Newpaper'n business and I hear tell they
    are release'n their first attempt at it real soon. Figuer'n I don't
    read as well as the rest o'em I'll give it a gander, but I seem to
    like the pictures best. They're a small family of three, but Lordy
    don't you know there's a fourth on the way!

    Miss Madeline McAtee and her family have recently landed at Oak
    Street. While traveling to her destination, she was blocked by the
    war and is now intent on staying as our new School Teacher. Her
    mother, Mrs. Teresa McAtee, and siblings (Jacob & "Lottie") were
    traveling with her and now put in some help'n hands in the school
    house. Speaking of school house Mrs. Diana Fickas is the current
    resident of the school house and holds a refinement and finishing
    school for the young ladies in the neighboring counties. Them's real
    fine folk.

    There are many currently residents of the Inn, whom to help lighten
    the load, often offer'n to help in the kitchen or set the table. The
    count's too big for me to go postulat'n on all of `em.

    I've heard that the empty photography studio is being eyed at by a
    newcomer. He's due to land in the town shortly and from the talk of
    it he brings others with him, I'll have to meet him before I comment
    on any good bits of information.

    Like I've said, I've heard Gen. Sherman and some of his men are
    headed towards the Inn. We had a run in with them before and needless
    to say they are welcomed, but a close eye is kept on their behaviors.
    They've been know to get a bit out of hand and one certain Irishman
    has a tendency to tell tall tales. Their brass and bold attitudes
    tend to get the ladies hearts a flutter'n, but they don't fool me
    with their big words and sly smiles.

    And I'm "Elsie", that all the seem to call me around here. I'm
    guess'n it's because I don't rank as important as the rest. I came
    from Ireland in all my state. Accord'n to the towns folk I'm
    unlearned and second class citizenship, lower than them black folk.
    The fine ladies of the Inn have taken me on board and treat me right
    well, although I tend to get a scold'n quite often. I find these
    American ways to be a wee bit too uptight and my mouth oft speaks
    before my heads done think'n. I figure God wouldn' have given me all
    this spit and vigor for me not to use it!

    All in all this is our town. Should you want to join in on the first
    person fun feel free! Remember to address people as Mrs, Miss or Mr.
    so and so. We really should be respectful and use proper names. Women
    usually wore something on their heads when promenading and if you
    don't know an answer to a question about something a spectator asks,
    point towards the people listed.

    This is all about having fun and always remember, soldiers and the
    Irish can never be trusted!

    Some of the First Person Names, (which are different from their real
    Lana Bailey – Mrs. Lily Cressmen
    Becky Thelin – Miss Violet Johnson
    Jenn Mulvey – Mrs. Ealasaid "Elsie" Mulvey
    Tom & Terri Willson – Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Alexander
    Jennifer Rosbrugh – Mrs. Elizabeth Rosbrugh
    Karen Stanford – Mrs. Paige Patterson
    Marisa Maynes – Madeline McAtee
    Teresa Maynes – Teresa McAtee



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