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    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Thursday Movie Night (8/14)

    So yesterday, after a fairly boring day at work (except for the brief spattering of rain in the afternoon), I got the 'priviledge' of leaving early for a dental apponitment. (How fun for me). Anyways, it was just the average 6 month check up - nothing special. And fortunately that's all it remained. =) No surprises in store for me during my check up. (Whew!)

    Afterwards, I drove up to the Hensley's house to visit with them and have dinner. (Maegen and I had plans after dinner to start a Costume Drama called Cranford that set in England in 1842...we'll be attempting to finish it on Saturday during our Sewing Day =). So I get to their place, and Maegen is at the grocery store, so I hang out with Charlie and Rhiannon. Only thing - Rhiannon suddenly gets all very needy and clingly to daddy, which she usually doesn't do around me.

    But all is explained later. =) Maegen thinks that lately the last 3 or so people that have come over have been at the same time when Maegen had to leave for something (like Costume College) - so she's associating someone coming over = mommy leaving. Makes sense. (And makes me feel a bit better =).

    Eventually, she warms up to me (Yea!) and we're back to having a grand old time. (I tickle her and play with her, which she of course loves).

    And the best part of the night was watching her face when we threw on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1970s version) and it got to the 'Candy Man' song. Such a BIG smile on her face! And her attempts to sing along were so cute!


    Wish I had a video (or even a still shot) of that. =)

    What a nice way to end the evening.

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