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    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Busy with Event Preparations (8/24)

    What a day! After attending church at Bethany in the morning, and having lunch with my family, I spent the afternoon busy with preparations for next weekend's Civil War event.

    Just before 1pm, both Jennifer Mulvey ('Jenn') and Jennifer Kautto ('Jenny') arrived at my folks house to help me with unloading the van to do inventory and to sort & repack it all into the new boxes we had made especially for the "Johnson Oak Inn" (Kitchen area).

    Of course it was blazing hot when we went to work, but we perservered (and took drink breaks so we wouldn't get too dehyraded). Soon enough we had everything pulled out and sorted into categories. It was an interesting sight to see with all our equipment spread out around the driveway in the in lawns! Must have looked like a very odd garage sale or something. (We did get a few odd looks and double takes as people drove past us on the cul-de-sac).

    After a while (around 2:30pm? or perhaps around 3pm), Candice Baker Yacono arrived with her husband so that she could inverview me/us regarding the upcoming Huntington Beach Civil War event that we were attending, and get a bit of information about our group and reenacting in general and all. (It's great to have connections! She and I went to the same High School, although she was in my brother's grade level...and she's still good friends with Tim and Monica =).

    It was certainly nice to take a break from the heat and moving things around and sit in a nice air-conditioned room and talk. =) And I think the interview went quite well. I'm excited to see what comes of it. (Her story will be in a Huntington Beach newspaper that she works for).

    After we concluded the interview the three of us (Jenn, Jenny, & myself) got back to work in arranging all the items we could into the new boxes, making a list of the items now stored in the boxes (for future reference) and then Jenn branded each box with a letter using a woodburner so we could easily identify each box in the future for set up/tear down.


    Around 5:30pm, I did a McDonalds run (since we were starving, but so near the end we didn't want to all stop working) and brought back a couple of hamburgers/cheeseburgers and fries to statisfy our hunger.

    By 7pm - we were DONE!

    We sat for a few moments just talking while we relaxed, and then Jenn & Jenny took off for home.

    I stuck around to wait for my folks to return from church (evening service) since I had brought a dress (Civil War) to try on my mom since she needed an outfit for the upcoming HB weekend when she was with us on site.

    By 7:45pm (and a mini-nap for me when I dozed off while waiting), my parents had arrived home and I soon was able to have my mom try out the loaner dress. It fit! Huzzah!
    One worry taken care of.

    I then ended up talking with them about various things, including more food planning related stuff with my mom. (Specifically quantities of certain items, and which ingredients for different meals, etc.). Now all we need to finish things out is a final head count. (We were given a general number for Saturday's mid day meal, but don't know how much that will change for Saturday Supper, nor do we have any numbers for Sunday yet. At least we did get a few checks in the mail already, since we DID ask people to write and send their meal payment check ahead of time to help us with planning and with food costs).

    By the time I left my folks house, it was just past 10pm. Yikes!
    A late night for me.

    Can't wait for Monday, though. It's "Banana Split Day" according to our 'fun' calendar. (Hey, we found it online - we didn't make it up! Truly!). And because my work does have a great collection of people and we do truly get along, which is a definite bonus for working here (not all works can boast of the great working relationships of its staff/employees), we're going to celebrate and have a Banana Split! Each of us signed up to bring some part of the banana split so that we split the cost amongst us all...and we can create a truly YUMMY banana split on Monday.

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