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    Friday, August 29, 2008

    Final Countdown to 2008 Huntington Beach Civil War Days!

    Well, as I write this I'm taking a break from doing final packing for the Huntington Beach "Civil War Days" Event.

    (I'm currently sorting a few bits of Civil War music into new categories, so it can be ready on my ipod for later use when I have it discretely hidden on site for some background music at a few key after hours! =)

    But I soon need to get back to packing my personal items (clothing for the weekend, toiletries, and misc. odds & ends), quickly create some casings for a few curtains well be using with our awnings, and then get in the car and drive up to Garden Grove to help with final food prep.


    And after all that, drive down to Huntington Beach Central Park so that I'm arriving at 3pm (the earliest they allow us in the park) to meet up with Jenniifer Mulvey, Jennifer Kautto, and anyone else that's showing up today (fingers crossed that more DO show up) to start setting up all of our Stuff!

    Lana will join us hopefully around 5pm (she's hoping to get off a few hrs early), same for Sara & Jeremiah Cornthwaite. Yea!

    This event has definitely had a lot of planning time and prep time (especially for the food - lots of hours logged by my mom this week in food prep stuff...THANK YOU!!!), but I'm sure it'll all be worth it.

    We've got a LOT going on this weekend.
    To see a Flyer (which I created) for this event, go to:

    We've also posted driving directions, a map of the site, and other useful bits of information on our group's website. (Calendar section, next to the Huntington Beach entry).

    Well...I must get back to work/packing.


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