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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Update on my Grandpa (8/11/08)

    So, yesterday I called my aunt and got an update on the situation.

    My grandpa did (finally) have the surgery. (They pushed it back originally when the x-ray machine broke down after they had started the first time...and he wasn't still enough when he was lightly under, so they had to bring in an anesthesiologist.) So, now he has two stents inside him. (If you think of the oesophagusoesophagus near the bile duct valuve area - if I got the right spot - as a tree with branches, they put a stent in the 'trunk' section of the tree, and on the right 'branch'.)

    As of Sunday, they hadn't released him yet cause they were waiting to see how he was doing, and if they would need to put a third stent in. (In the left 'branch'). Most people only need two stents, but occasionally they need to put in the third one.

    So, hopefully he'll be released from the hospital soon, and he can recover at home...and then my grandma and aunt can get a bit more rest than they are getting now.

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