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    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    beginning to get in "Planning Mode" for Civil War Events

    So, now that its officially August, I'm switching to planning/prep mode as our group starts to get ready for our next big (offical) event...the Huntington Beach Civil War event on Labor Day weekend.

    Can I just say that We're Going To Be Huge, and it will be awesome! =)This should be a better event than last year (especially if the Civilian area *actually* ends up on the spectator map this year, like they're promising)! And we have a lot of 'stuff' planned for this event.
    On my lunch break today I called and ordered a new fire-pit ('company sized') for the group to use at this event. We're large enough we're going to need it...especially with our plans to cook a 'Presidential Dinner' for 16-20 people. (And I'd like to cook some stew for the rest of us at the same time).

    Now I just need to get in gear and sew a bunch of stuff (both for me and loaner clothing) so that we have it ready in time for this event.

    So much to do, so little time.=)

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