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    Monday, September 01, 2008

    Aftermath of HB & Update on Grandpa

    Just a quick update...

    We had a GREAT weekend. =) I'm quite tired, and still 'recovering', but all in all it was a great weekend. Saturday we got to do a lot of first person interaction, the Presidential Dinner went off splendidly (all the guests said they enjoyed themselves tremendously), and while the weather was hot & humid, it was much more bearable than previous years.

    I'm sure I & a few of the other leaders will write up an official After Action Report (AAR) soon, but I just wanted to post *something* now.

    But now I have to get ready to leave. My folks and I will be traveling down to my grandparents in Escondido, where we'll meet up with my sister and her husband. We're pretty much all going to say goodbye to my grandfather, who's not expected to last out the week. (My aunt is VERY upset since she's been doing research and she's convinced that the reason he's declining so fast right now - I think his kidneys are failing, is what I heard - is due to a few of the drugs he's been given are interacting adversely with each other). So, we're all changing our previous plans for today to go visit with him (and my grandmother and aunt) for the day to pretty much say goodbye. (I was told last night over dinner, after packing up from the event, that he's not expected to last the week which is why my own plans of dealing with the aftermath of the mess from the HB event is now put on hold so I can go visit my grandpa one last time). It still hasn't quite hit me yet...but I'm sure it will soon. I've been lucky up to now to have BOTH sets of my grandparents alive and well. Sadly, nothing lasts forever, though.

    Well, I must end this now so I can go finish getting ready. I need to leave in a couple of minutes.

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