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    Friday, September 05, 2008

    DMV Visit - Done!

    Well, that was relatively painless. Had an appointment at the DMV for 8:45am. Showed up at 8:40am and got in line for Information, since there wasn't anywhere else to ask where to go if you already had an appointment. (Apparently, I could have skipped the line and gone to the OTHER side of the desk - with the other cutters - to say I have an appoinment so they could just issue me a number).

    Anyways, I stood in line till about 8:46am, got my number...and then sat and waited for them to call my number to the next available window. (I was #F016 and ended up at window #18).

    Paid my renewal fee, updated my info, and got my temporary re-issued license that I then took over to the Photo line...where I got to wait in a new line to get my photo taken. That went relatively quickly, at least. (It helped when another lady stepped in to take photos/operate the machine when the previous gal had to step away to help someone waiting for assistance in the written test section nearby).

    After signing my name in the electronic signature reader, getting my right thumbprint taken (scanned) and my picture taken (without glasses!!), I was all done and ready to leave.


    And it was only like 9:20am. Not too bad for the DMV.

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