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    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    My "Jeeves & Wooster" Party Character

    Hi All! I was finally inspired to write (or flesh out) my character for the Jeeves & Wooster party that's coming up (Sept 14th!!). I worked on it last night (especially on my drive home - itsn't it great how some things will just come to you while you're stuck in traffic) and I'm quite pleased with the final result. I've just emailed it off to the event organizers. Yea! Now to work on the actual outfit I'm wearing. (Got the pattern, need to go buy the fabric, make a mock-up, and the quickly sew the real thing! Whew!).

    So, in the meantime, enjoy my character submission for the J&W party!


    Mabel Agnes Jones

    Original Submission:
    My real name: Rebecca Thelin
    My desired character name: Mabel A. (Agnes) Jones
    Desired level of involvement: 2 (Background Plot)
    At least two events that you would like to play: Croquet, Toss Across, Three-Legged Race, Cake Baking.
    Anything else about your character that you think we should know: Single gal

    - - - - NEW STUFF - - - -

    Mabel is a typist/secretary who works in London. She is 29 years old, single, and shares a flat with a fellow typist/secretary named Helen Smith. [Both Mabel and Helen despise her landlady’s pet cat and would keep a dog if they were allowed one in the flat…and if they could afford one]. On weekdays, both she & Helen take the train in together to the City, although they do not necessarily take the same train home again.

    In her spare time, Mabel enjoys dancing and croquet, as well as a few more homely pursuits such as reading, baking, and gardening (when possible).

    She is currently on holiday in the county parish, visiting her Aunt & Uncle, Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hamblin, who run a local shop in the village. While she is on Holiday, Mabel hopes to have a splendid visit with her mother’s sister’s family, take in the country air (while briskly walking about the country lanes)…and hopefully meet an eligible (and potentially rich) beau.

    Other Misc. details: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Fair complexion, & about 5’8” tall. (My own info, obviously! =).

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