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    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    The Disaster Zone known as Home

    So, just so you guys can actually SEE what I came home to today, I took pictures. Yup, that's right, Pictures! (I'll attach one here, but the rest will be on my Flickr and Facebook accounts =).

    I walked in and it was a COMPLETE mess with large appliances all over the main room living/dining room, trash left out (they obviously ate In In Out for lunch since there's leftover fries and drinks lying about), and just generally mess everywhere.

    Oh, and they forgot to flush my toilet. Ugh!!!! At least remember to flush!

    I can deal with most of that...but the one thing that REALLY got to me was the fact that they butted up the stove against the refrigerator SO THAT I CAN'T ACCESS THE FRIDGE OR ANYTHING IN IT! Sheesh!

    Obviously I won't be cooking any dinner tonight (wish I had known before I came home), but the fact that I can't even get into my fridge for cold water or to put away leftovers from buying dinner? Awful! (I managed to manhandle...with my one good arm... the stove out far enough from the fridge so I could get my water cup out, which I had placed in there before I left for work this morning. Then I took pictures, so you'll see the stove out as far as I could push it by myself).


    Landlord just showed up a couple of minutes ago to check on the status of everything. And when I complained about the stove in the way of the fridge, he helped me move it out of the way enough so I can get to it. So something positive. =).

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