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    Monday, September 08, 2008

    Update on the Aparment Remodel

    So, when I got home today, I had a few nice and not so nice surprises.

    The Good:

    1) My stove is back in its spot and hooked up. Yea! I can now use it to make myself some dinner! (Besides the fact that I can walk on the Kitchen floor again, to get to the pots, pans, dishes, sink, etc.).

    2) They already put up the new door that will separate the remodeled bathroom from the master bedroom (my bedroom). It's kinda nice NOT to look at the mess in there. =)

    The Bad:

    The DID NOT move the fridge back into the kitchen yet...which would be ok, I guess, except that they had told me it'd be back in place at some point today...and the fact that when I came home, I could not longer hear the hum of the fridge's motor. (It's a faint humm, but its usually there, and it lets me know it really is plugged in, etc. =). Not hearing that electrical hum is certainly not a good sign! Don't know if its just being really quite, or if something is actually wrong with it.


    And of course, as expected...there's fine dust (construction dust, not 'normal' dust =) everywhere. The landlord said that he'd have them put up plastic sheeting over stuff, so I was expecting that I'd come home to plastic covered piles in my room....only I didn't. No plastic sheeting whatsoever. Great! My computer, sewing machine, and other elctronics are in my bedroom and I'm sure that construction dust isn't THAT incredibly helpful to these highly sensitive elctronic systems. ;^)

    Oh well.

    I must get going - gotta see if there's something easy I can fix for dinner...and if there's anything (leftovers) in my fridge that's still edible after having no use of my kitchen to prepare things for a week.



    p.s. - a couple of minutes after I wrote this, I stuck my ear literally against the fridge...and I finally heard a soft humming. Yea! What a relief. (Of course, I did play with the plug to really make sure that it was actually plugged wall outlet...which is hidden directly behind a large piece of furniture...where else would it be? =)

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