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    Saturday, September 06, 2008

    sewing progress (9/6/08)

    Well, clock's ticking down, and I'm running out of time to make my new outfit (1930s) for the upcoming Jeeves & Wooster party. Having to deal with the remodel of my kitchen, the laundry closet, & the hall bathroom has been fun...and now the focus is about to switch the bathroom attached to the Master Bedroom. (My room). Ack! That means not only do I have to stop & pack up practically EVERYTHING in my bathroom (including the seperate vanity) area, and find a spot to put all the packed up stuff), I have to clear away things around the bathroom and through the center of the room (so they can get things in and out of there). Just what I needed right now. When I COULD be sewing!

    Fun, right?

    So anyways...after taking time on Friday and Saturday morning to pack up a lot of stuff, I buckled down to tracing out my patterns onto banner papper (so I could make my modifications later on that pattern piece, instead of the original). While I was working, I decided for the heck of it to use my camera's self timer and take a photo of me working. Brilliant! :D So included in this post is one of my two self-shots. (Yeah, I looked at the camera for this one. So what? Who cares, really? LOL! =).

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