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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    A Brilliant Time at the Jeeves & Wooster Party

    So, yesterday I was the Jeeves & Wooster Party up in the Los Angeles area. I unfortunately arrived late as I was *still sewing* my outfit until 1:30pm (after working non-stop on my new blouse & skirt for the past few days) and the party started at 12:30pm...but I did *eventually* make it to the party! And pretty much, that's really all that counts! That and the fact that I had a blast!

    Ok, so I was pretty much a fly on the wall for the first 1/2 hour I was there, but I was soaking it all in, trying to figure out who was who and what was going on. Eventually I did get to interact with a few people and I even participated in the Turtle Roulette! I didn't win, but on the 2nd round I was pretty close. The turtle headed straight for the number *next* to mine (and Jenn Mulvey. Bully for her!).

    When I arrived, many of the partygoers were in the midst of playing Find the Shoe. A hillarious game in which the players divide into teams, all the shoes are piled together in a center area (like on a blanket) on the lawn, and the teams are lined up a few feet away. The first person in each line has to race to the pile and find one of his/her shoes and race to put on one shoe (tied/laced) and run back into his/her line while tagging the next person in his/her line to go and find his/her shoe. Each team members goes through twice in order to find and put on both pairs of shoes. The first team to have both pairs of shoes on each team member (with the correct shoes, and actually laced on, not just sort-of on =) wins! It was hillarious watching the participants play *in character*.


    Included in this post is a picture of my completed outfit. I gave my camera to someone else so I could be sure to get one photo of me all dressed up on my camera. Chaz was taking tons of photos throughout the party, so I'm sure he has some great ones that he'll be posting to his website shortly.

    To wrap up the party, one of the organizers held a recap session, to see which of the characters met their goals for the afternoon/party. While I missed a good deal of the party, it was certainly entertaining hearing about what happened during the recap!

    Afterwards, I helped clean up and then went to dinner with some of the other participants, so I could get to know them. (Hey, I drove all the way out to this place dressed up, and I wanted to make the drive worth it since I was late and missed a good portion of the party! =). We went to dinner at Dinah's (or was it Dinnah's?) on Centinella not to far from the 405. I had to try the 'Special Recipe' Fried chicken that they're apparently famous for, and I gotta say, it wasn't too bad. I meant to take home my leftovers (I had a small amount) and forgot the container on the table. Doh!
    Anyways - the conversation during the meal (and before and afterwards) was a riot! We laughed so much (and so loudly)! It was splendid! Good food and good company always is a great time! Eventually, we did have to all leave, as some of us still had some traveling to do (like me!) and all of us had work in the morning.

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    Ava said...

    "A riot" is probably the best way to describe the dinner conversation! Although some of our fellow diners might have preferred "a confounded nuisance!" And also, hi. I found this blog through your myspace blog. It's Amie...or Ava, which, really, is simpler to go with, and it's what I've been called so much for the last year it seems quite normal at this point. Since the South Bay crowd already has an Amy, I might as well be non-redundant! Glad you had fun, anyway. I know I did!