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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Birthday Party Reflections

    Well, Saturday (9/20) was the BIG party. :)

    A lot of friends from all sorts of times in my life were able to attend, which was a blast!

    Upon entering, there was a power point presentation playing in the background, cycling through photos from various points in my life. We also had a photo area with a backdrop & everything so we could get everyone's (or as many people as we could) photo. Hopefully each person who we took a photo of also remembered to fill out an envelope with their name & address so we can mail them a copy of the photo.

    To download and see the power point presentation that was playing during the party (with pictures of myself at various ages), click on this link
    and you'll be redirected to where the file has been uploaded for sharing.

    We also had a table set up with scrapbooking supplies and a started "Rebecca's Scrapbook" (favorite memories & the like) so that people could work on and add in their own pages to the scrapbook. (Neat idea, isn't it? =)

    So anyways, we started the night off with a game. Each person was given a name (taped to his/her back) and had to ask questions of others (yes/no answers) to determine what character (or group, as the case may be) they were. All the characters tied in to something I liked or interested me. =) Once someone guessed (succesffully) who they were, they got to go post the card with the name to the "Who Am I?" board and grab an old-fashioned soda from the cooler nearby as a prize. Everyone really enjoyed this game. Some had a harder time than others guessing - even I was stumped for quite some time as I kept not asking the *right* questions to guess my character - but eventually all were guessed.


    We also had a round of "Rebecca Trivia" while we were eating dinner to see which friends know some random stuff about me. It was quite fun, especially when it came time to reveal the answers and for some of the more obvious questions people shouted out (sometimes in unison) the answer. For fun, I'll post the questions (and answers) in another blog posting later today.

    After dinner, it was time for the cake (and the singing of Happy Birthday, etc.). While they didn't put 30 candles in my cake (a yummy carrot cake from Costco, with Burgandy & Lemon yellow flowers), they did arrange some tall sparkly - and very hard to blow out, occasionally relighting - candles in the shape of a 3 and a 0.

    It is a quandry of how to have enough breath to blow out two sets of candles, space a distance apart, when one is consistently short of breath due to laughing so hard! =)

    (Note to friends: it is awfully hard to blow out candles when you guys keep making me laugh!!! =)

    So anyways, the candles were eventually blown out, and now it was time to cut the cake (and other desserts) and start the dancing!

    We started off the dancing with the Grand March (which is a Victorian dance, in Promedade position). I got to lead off the dance with my father as my dance partner. =) I believe we did another Victorian dance afterwards, although I can't recall the name right now, and it was around then that we paused for a brief dessert break. I ended up gabbing most of the break, so I only got about 1 or two bites of my carrot cake before I was back on the dancefloor.

    The dances varied between English Country Dances and later Victorian ones (called by different people). Both styles of dancing are two of my favorites, which is why they were included at my party.

    Of the English Country dances, I know we got to dance the following:

    *Auretti's Dutch Skipper

    *Trip to Paris

    *Mr. Beveridge's Maggot

    *The Dressed Ship

    *Irish Lamentation

    I really like all of the above, but I ESPECIALLY like "Trip to Paris", "Mr. Beveridge's Maggot" and "Irish Lamentation".

    And to finish of the dancing for the evening (since the sound guy would leave at 9pm) we finished things off with a rousing Virginia Reel!

    The only downside to the entire dancing/evening was the fact that I had worn silly (cute, but useless) shoes on Thursday night when I went out to dinner with friends...and ended up having to walk a distance in them at one point which gave me huge blisters! (The walking part was certainly not planned when I had picked out the shoes, obviously). So I danced as many dances as I could (sometimes not as quickly/gracefully as I would have liked ;-), but I managed to dance them all the same. And later on, after the sound guy was gone, and the English Country dance caller had gotten out his portable sound system (which was really cool, by the way!), some of the others did a really neat advanced dance that was just fun to watch as the couples glided gracefully from form to form.

    Eventually the party did break up (around 10pm?) as people started to collect up their items and make their way home. A few folks stayed around to help clean up, which was fantastic. (Thank you!!) Everyone was out of there around 11pm and we called it a night.

    And that's the end of my retelling of the Becky's Great 30th Birthday Bash!


    Thanks again for everyone who was involved in setting up such a wonderful birthday party...and thanks to all who were able to attend it!


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