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    Thursday, May 01, 2008

    I Spy With My Little Eye...

    So, today I *FINALLY* went and got my eyes examined. It’s been 2 yrs (well, 2 yrs and a few months) since I last had them examined and got my glasses. I’ve known that I need to go and get them examined again, especially since I lost my Sunglasses about a year ago and need a new Rx to get a new set of prescription Sunglasses. I just kept putting it off. One thing or another just kept coming up and I would make excuses.

    Well, finally I convinced myself I HAD to get this done now. I’m taking off for England in 12 days (on 13th of May) so it really would be a good idea if I had some new glasses (a set of sunglasses and a back up pair of glasses) in time for the trip. And, since I have a set of reproduction 1860s frames for my Civil War Reenacting, I figured if I do this now (get the eye exam and some new glasses), I might get my 1860s glasses fitted with prescription lenses now so that by the time my next event comes up I’m already set. (It will be SO nice to be able to see clearly far away items and people in the distance…when I look up/away from my cooking, that is! )

    Anyways, fortunately there is a LensCrafter nearby work and they managed to fit me in with a 5:15pm appointment (or, rather, the EyeExam place associated with Lenscrafters). So, I made my appointment in the afternoon and arrived on time. (My friends are probably smiling at the ‘on time’ part, but it’s True! Honest!). I opted to go for the Comprehensive Exam with the digital scan of the retina since I’ve never done it before, and I’ve heard its good to get one ever few years.

    I did the various vision tests and then had the scan taken of my eyes. (Now that was an interesting machine! And definitely a better option than having to have my eyes dilated with drops for an examination!!)

    So…End Result of the Examination? I have healthy eyes and my prescription hasn’t changed! Yes!! That means I don’t have to update my current glasses with new lenses, and since my prescription is fairly mild, they actually had those lenses in stock.

    Next I browsed the various frames offered by LenScrafter, and settled on two frames – one for my Sunglasses and one for my backup pair of glasses. Then I went to total up the ‘damage’ and find out how much this was going to cost me.

    All in all, I ended up with a great deal on my glasses (Sunglasses – frames & lenses – fell under one of their specials, while the other set of frames was from their Clearance section). And, I actually had just about enough saved to cover the cost of 2 frames, plus three set of lenses (counting my 1860s repro frames) and my eye exam.

    They did tell me I could wait around an hour to pick up the glasses when they were finished, but I opted to come back the next day. And thus ends my ‘exciting’ trip to get my eye exam and new glasses.


    p.s. – when I get the glasses on Friday, I’ll post a Follow Up with a couple of pictures of my new glasses. =)

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