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    Friday, May 02, 2008

    An Amazing Discovery

    ok, so for more of you 'experienced bloggers', this is probably a 'duh' item that I just realized.
    (Or, more accurately, my sister pointed it out to me last night).

    In the Post Options I can change the date of my post so that its not the day I actually write the blog entry (which is now) but I can pick any date, including back dating it, to whenever I want! That is so awesome! This means that I can go back and write entries for things that have already happened, and it'll show up in the correct year of the archives!
    I'm so stoked about this little find!
    (It means this blog will actually look more like a diary/journal than just a lot of entries crammed together in 2008).

    So, for those of you actually checking my blog, don't forget to start perusing Older Posts since I'll now be back-dating some of my entires.


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