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    Friday, May 30, 2008

    Current Count of Photos (England Trip)

    And the current count of photos taken on my England trip is ....

    ...1,740 (give or take a few).

    Plus about 5 short "movies".

    Well, can anyone say they were REALLY surprised? After all, we are talking about *me* here...and I LOVE to take photos. Good thing the pictures are digital!

    Hmm...I wonder how many Flickr will let me upload? (At least I have a pro-account, so there's no limit on how many I upload in a session/month, etc.)

    As of this morning, I finally have all my photos (and videos) transferred over from the memory sticks to my computer harddrive. Now, I just need to upload them to the web so that everyone else can view them.


    Moey said...

    so did you get a picture of this. . .

    Marcail Gaelyn said...

    No, I can't say I did. Although we did experience the *crush* of football (soccer) fans at Paddington station (and various tube stations) wearing either Manchester United or Chelesea colors! =)LOL!