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    Monday, May 05, 2008

    More about "Marcail"

    Ok, so I was talking with Jennifer Rosbrugh earlier tonight, and we got onto the topic of my old "Star Wars club" days and "Marcail Gaelyn". So, I got the bug to dig out all my old info on the character. Hey, I bet you guys didn't realize that I actually wrote a backstory for this character, did you? (Well, some of you who know that I wrote a backstory/family history for my Civil War character "Violet Johnson" are probably not as surprised! LOl!)

    Here's my Character Stats (from 1997/98):
    Name: Marcail Gaelyn
    Template Type: Young Senatorial
    Personality: introverted, witty, loyal
    Species: Human
    Sex: Female
    Age: 25
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Physical Description: Tall, athletic, green eyes (with flecks of gold), with blondish brown hair that falls below should blades.
    Background: A government official on her homeworld, which has been taken over by the Empire. Her twin sister was killed in a raid, and many of her family have started to disappear. She comes from a long line of government officials. Her home planet is mainly agricultural (and supplies food to many planets). Very knowledgable about the Jedi.
    Objectives: Destroy the Empire and liberate her homeworld. See Justice Triumph!
    A Quote: "Justice will prevail; we may just have to help it along with a blaster or two."
    Connection with other characters: Sare Thorig - bodyguard

    Additional details (not on my original RPG character sheet):

    Hobbies: Running, collecting history on various subjects. Fascination with historical things, especially on Jedi and other species.
    Mother: Myra
    Father: Tevin
    Siblings: Tayna (Twin-Sister), Sera (sister), Korel (sister) , Kira (sister), Nate (brother)
    Uncle: Hal

    Marcail's Bodyguard: Sare Thorig

    a "brief sketch of my RPG character's history" from an email dated 12/18/1997
    "Marcail Gaelyn is a local official of her planet....She's involved with communications and relations with other species, etc. She comes from a large family, one that has been involved with government affairs for generations. While not the most civilized planet, its not as backwater as some places. There are 4 main spaceports on the planet. The economy leans heavily on agriculture and exports many food products. It was profitable for the Empire to control this planet since whoever controls the food controls the military (etc.). The Empire tried a slow takeover at first, by replacing certain figures in the local government, and passing laws that were favorable to its needs.Marcail's family resented the Empire and worked against it. Many relatives started disappearing when strong objections to certain procedures were made. Marcail and her twin sister Tayna started to help the Rebels in order to lash back at the Empire. Tayna was caught in a raid and "died" while trying to saved another's life. ...
    Marcail is a human female, 25 years of age. She is 5'9" and 160 lbs. Sh has green eyes with small flecks of gold and long blond-brown hair (which hangs down to about the middle of her back). Her parents are Tevin and Myra aged 49 and 46 respectively. Marcail has 4 alive siblings--3 sisters, 1 brother. Sera (23), Korel (20), Kira (13), and Nate (11). She also has an uncle named Hal who is 52. He's her mother's oldest brother. (I'm planning on developing these characters a little more).
    Macail's grandmother, Tiana, had a best friend who was a Jedi (I haven't picked a name for her yet). She, the Jedi, disappeared either in the Clone Wars or in the Purge by the Empire (I haven't decided yet). Marcail has seen the holovids of this Jedi and of her teachings. She has listened to al lher grandmother's stories and posses the Jedcred that was given to Tiana. Marcail is very interested in the history of the Jedi and has all the possessions left behind by this Jedi hidden away in a safe place. (...Marcail and her family [do] not have Jedi powers)."

    So, that's what I wrote as of 1997.
    Then in spring of 1198 I wrote the basic plotline of her backstory. (I have a printed draft of a typed version of some of my notes, and that's 4 pages long single spaced, and that only covers a portion of her backstory! =) Actually, its kinda amusing to go back and read it...along with some of my old short stories I wrote.

    Hmm....mayhaps I will see if I have any electronically saved copies of said old-short stories and post them to the blog, for old times sake. If not, I might even decide to re-type them. =) (I've got some decent short stories and poems from way back. It's a good trip down memory lane, at least).


    p.s. - for those who care, here's a Wikipedia link to the RPG game I was playing...
    (I 'm 99% positive that the one we played was the original RPG published by West End Games, not Wizards of the Coast...since we played with a d6 system and the Wizards of the Coast version was when it transitioned to a d20 system...yes, my geek side is showing!)

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