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    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    "What Ho, Jeeves!" - A Romp in the Style of P.G. Wodehouse

    So, for all those of you who love Jeeves & Wooster (P.G. Wodehouse's creation) like I do, here's news of a Jeeves & Woster themed party that's planned for Sunday, September 14, 2008!

    (The following article is transcripied/copied from Squeals, vol 23, no. 10 - June 2008 - the official newsletter of the Costumer's Guild West)

    On Sunday, September 14, 2008, join Jeeves and Wooster and Britian's tweedy elite for an enchanting afternoon at a country fair.

    Bertie Wooster is a classic British young man of means, blessed with a touch too generous a heart and a slightly deficit in the noggin department. Jeeves is his hilariously arch and resourcefull valte, a "gentleman's gentlemean" without equal who sees Bertie through the never-ending swirl of colorful friends, indomitable aunts, and romantic entanglements that comprise early 1930's society life.

    "What ho, Jeeves!" is a live action role-playing game. Participants will arrive in the costume of the 1930's high-society Enlgish countryside. They will have "characters" to play, based on the Jeeves and Wooster stories and television series. The chracter can be as simple as "Joan Smith, a nearby resident who wants to come to the fair" with no goals but to have fun, or as complicated as "Madeline Bassett, a wealthy young woman" whose goals include finding a marriageable man, gambling on the sporting events without getting caught, and winning in the sack race.

    The faire will include footraces; quilting, baking, and canning competitions; games of bingo; and a tea tent.

    Tickets for the event will cost approximately $15 per person. Please go to for more information and reservations.

    * * * * * *

    And here's a link to the list of games and competitions! Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Sports Day Competitions:

    Baby Race: First baby across the finish line wins. Parents may encourage them however they see fit.

    Bingo: Bingo will be ongoing in the tea tent.

    Blinded Ball Retrieval: A basket of balls will be released in front of each team. Teams will call out directions to guide their blindfolded team mate in finding a ball. Each team member must retrieve at least one ball.

    Cake Competition: Cakes of all description will be submitted by the home baker. The best items will win a blue ribbon.

    Centipede Race: Two teams form a conga-line centipede and race around obstacles. A broken centipede will be disqualified.

    Cookie Competition: Cookies of all description will be submitted by the home baker. The best items will win a blue ribbon.

    Croquet: Croquet will be ongoing on the back lawn.

    Find Your Shoe: All shoes are removed and placed in a giant pile. Teams line up and each player at the top of the line runs to the pile, finds one of his or her shoes, puts it on, laced and buckled and run back to their next team mate. This is repeated until every team member is wearing both of their own shoes.

    Lawn Bowling: Lawn Bowling will be ongoing on the back lawn.

    Orange Relay: Pass the orange from one teammate to the next from under the chin without using your hands.

    Quilting Competition: Home made items will be displayed by the competitors. The best items will win a blue ribbon.

    Sack Race: Racers will don a sack and hop gallantly across the finish line.

    Three-Legged Race: Two racers will be bound together at the ankle or knee. First team across the line wins.

    Toss Across: Players toss bean bags to knock down bottles.

    Tug o' War: There will be two teams holding a long rope with a little bit of flag in the middle. Try to get the flag on your side of the line.

    Turtle Roulette: Competitors choose a number from a grid. A turtle is placed at the center. Players shall coax the turtle to cross the number they have chosen.

    Each player shall sign up for at least two competitions. Note that Turtle Roulette, Toss Across, Bingo, Quilting, Cake and Cookies may be played while seated.

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    p.s. - since it might not have been clear (for those that don't know about CGW/Costumer's Guild West): this event is a SoCal event. =)