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    Friday, May 30, 2008

    the deadly dolldrums

    Well, when I came back to work yesterday, I expected to have a pile (or two) of paperwork sitting at my desk awaiting my return.

    Instead....I found practically nothing!


    Apparently, it's been SO slow while I was gone (not many deals being made) that nothing piled up. And they even were without a phoneline for 2 days (due to provider problems, not anything on our end)!

    Today is another slooooooooowwwwww day, apparently. Good thing its a quarter to 4pm! (only 1 hr and 15 minutes left before I can officially clock out for the day/weekend).


    Jennifer said...

    Join the crowd! I'm working on more dress roses. He he

    Marcail Gaelyn said...

    I dug out my journal from the trip and I'm finishing up my accounts on a few days that I never got a chance to finish earlier. =) Good thing I brought it along today!