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    Monday, May 05, 2008

    Reminiscences about Disneyland trips

    Disneyland Trips

    Once upon a time I had an Annual Pass to Disneyland and would go with my friends for just a few hours. It was great! Ah, the benefits of living in SoCal! =) There was many a time during College that my friends and I would just head off to Disneyland for a few hours of ‘play’ time. And, as always, we brought along a deck of cards…just in case the line was REALLY long and boring and we’d attempt to play some kind of cards game while standing in line. Another fun (and entertaining for others as well) game we played was “King Frog”.
    King Frog is a rhythm game in which the players sit/stand in a circle and beat out a rhythm by alternating clapping their hands together and hitting their hands on their knees/legs. While keeping the rhythm, the King Frog would state “One Frog”. Then the next person in line would then say “Two Eyes”, and each successive person (around the circle) would add on something else (“Four Legs”, and then “Ker Ploop”). Next time around, the King Frog would say “Two Frogs” and all the rest of the people would then have to increase their numbers (correctly) to account for 2 frogs. Side note: the number of ‘Ker-Ploops’ should equal the number of Frogs. If someone messes up, then they’re out. (And/Or, you can shift them to the end/last person in the circle).
    Anyways it’s a fun game for kids (also good match practice for forgetful adults!) and it can be highly amusing to those around you…especially in line at Disneyland.
    Also, my college friends & I (Gretchen, Heather, & Rebekah….and Erin too) had a tradition that on or for our 21st birthday we’d go to Disneyland and have a little ceremony for the birthday girl. The birthday girl was “Princess” for the day and had a crowning ceremony (I got a Pink Princess hat) which she then had to wear all around the Park for the remainder of the day. The Princess got to choose which of the rides we went on for the day, and the rest of the group formed an “Honor Guard” around her. When we walked anywhere in the park, we kept in ‘formation’ around the princess and attempted to not let anyone through t the Princess. (Sometimes futile, but we tried =) .

    However, eventually the renewal price for the Annual Pass went above what I was willing to shell out (especially since the number of friends who also had a pass was declining rapidly) I let mine expire.

    Since then, I’ve only been to Disneyland once and that was when my Company (Trico Realty) had their Christmas Party at Club 33 in Disneyland in 2005. That was quite fun and definitely a unique experience to be let into the exclusive dining area for members. (One of my bosses is a member). Once we were done dining at Club 33, we were allowed to stay in the Park and go on rides, etc. which I did. Only problem – I was all by myself so its not as fun to stand in line and go on rides when you’re by yourself. But hey, I was in Disneyland and I got on a few rides for free! =)

    Which brings me to my newest trip to Disneyland. Since Dec 2005 I have not been to Disneyland…until last Monday! Out of the blue I received two free Park Hopper tickets to Disneyland through one of my bosses (the one that’s a member of Club 33). He had bought the tickets for someone, but they weren’t able to use it, so he asked if I would like them…and I of course said YES! Only thing was that due to the dates on the ticket (when valid) I would need to use them BEFORE my upcoming trip to England. Which means I had some planning to do to figure out how I could use them before I left!

    Once I learned I had two free tickets, I immediately emailed my friend Jenn (Mulvey) who I knew loved to go to Disneyland as well (and also didn’t get to go as frequently as she’d like to). Obviously, her reaction was excitement as well, and she emailed me a list of dates that she had off from work to see if any of them might work out for a Disneyland trip.

    So, Monday morning rolled around and I knew that Jenn had the day off. Work had been VERY slow lately for me (with lots of dead/nothing to due time). I got to work, saw that it was going to be another slow day, and called Jenn up out of the blue a bit after 8am and asked her if she wanted to go do Disneyland today? It took her about 2 seconds to process it and say “Yes!” And the rest was history! I told my work that I would take the rest of the day off (personal time) and would see them the next day (they were fine with that since it was SO slow and a lot of people were already out). I met up with Jenn Mulvey at her house just before 10am and we immediately took off (carpooled) to Disneyland.

    I’ll post later with an actual “Travel-Log” account of the Day at Disneyland (with pictures!). It was QUITE a fun day!


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