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    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    More of Becky's Old Poetry (High School)

    Here are a few of my early attempts at poetry, which are pretty much results of various class assignments/projects (in Sr. High). It's kinda amusing to go back and read these now. Some of them I still like, while others, I kinda cringe while reading. But I'll be a sport and upload the lot.



    p.s. - the poems aren't in any order. They're as I page through my folder of saved poems, etc.


    The Snuffed Candle*
    R. L. Thelin
    March 4, 1997

    Fear is a great maw that opens wide to swallow beings whole.
    Fear is a stalking creature, who preys on beings in the dead of the night.

    Flee while you can.

    Fear is the cackle that chills the spine.
    Fear is a dark, dank, bottomless pit.

    Flee while you can.

    Fear is an endless spiral through a starless void.
    Fear is the sudden flood that sweeps away hope and leaves despair.

    Flee while you can.

    Closing Walls,
    An ever lightening vise,

    Flee while you can.

    *Author's Note: this poem was originally submitted for a class with the drawing of a snuffed candle superimposed upon the words. (Hence the title).


    The Promise

    R. L. Thelin
    April 18, 1995

    Crystal waters, gently lapping,
    upon a distant shore.
    Never ceasing, never caring,
    Why its captors are no more.

    A fallen petal, silent tear drop,
    falling from the dew.
    Withered blossom, the forsaken,
    now the old instead of new.

    Billowing sails, snapping canvas,
    lines strung taught against the wind.
    Scurrying sailors, creaking ship planks,
    passengers hidden in light that’s dim.

    Distant rumbling, echoing thunder,
    Lighting splayed across the murky skies.
    Spattering raindrops, hopeful faces,
    God’s rainbow promise that never dies.


    Becky: These next two poems were part of a class project on "Lord of the Flies". (Makes sense, right?)

    Shadows and Tall Trees

    R. L. Thelin
    March 31, 1994

    Shadows and Tall Trees…
    can be quite deceptive.
    You can look once, and then again,
    but are you really sure nothing is there?

    Shadows can be long and deep,
    a respite from the scorching sun.
    Trees can be tall and graceful,
    swaying in a hot tropical breeze.

    But after the sun has fallen asleep,
    who knows what comes out in a moonless night?
    Lurking in a deep shadow,
    hiding behind a tall tree?

    Don’t let fear get a hold of you, my son,
    for fear is their weapon.
    They cast it out, and wait for someone
    to be consumed by it.

    Ahhh, there goes someone now,
    more terrified by the minute.
    Wait, there’s something moving behind a tree.
    It’s crawling after him, Hey, look out! Look Out! LOOK OUT!!!


    FOUND POETRY: Shadows and Tall Trees

    R. L. Thelin
    March 31, 1994

    Jumble of rocks down by the water,
    and dream for a while of rescue.

    With a fall of the heart,
    the horizon was hard clipped blue,
    miles of division, one was helpless.

    Unusual heat was closing in,
    little cliffs to be scaled,
    with a fall of the heart, one was helpless.

    Jumble of rocks down by the water,
    and dream for a while of rescue.

    Becky: This last one should probably be renamed. (I can't for the life of me remember why it I used 'shadows and tall trees' again in the title. I know that "found poetry' was the style we were told to write in). If I was to rename it, I'd probably rename it "Jumble of Rocks" or "Waiting" or something like that. Hmmm...this might take some more thought. I'm not sure what I should rename it to, really. This is one of the early pieces that I actually like, though. =)


    Night Watcher

    R.L. Thelin
    April 26, 1995

    Why must you grumble,
    and hit me when I wake you?
    I stay awake all night
    so that you won’t be late.

    My hands forever turning,
    ticking away the seconds.
    Its so peaceful at night.
    the stars shine gracefully.

    Slowly, the glowing ball stretches,
    and peeps through the window shades.
    Warming my gears,
    making my round face shine.

    I relax, and ponder the new day.
    I wonder what it holds?
    Pretty soon, it’ll be time,
    Time to wake you up.

    I’m starting to get sleepy.
    My hand turns, its almost time.
    I can’t wait to go to sleep.


    Ripple *

    R. L. Thelin
    May 1, 1995

    A ripple in the stillness.
    a pebble penetrates the calm.
    Waves slowly spread,
    Disrupting the tranquility.

    A Torrent of pebbles cannonades the lake,
    aquatic patterns intersect each other,
    increasing in intensity,
    finally slowing,
    till all is calm
    once again.

    *Note: The formatting didn't come through on the blog, but the text was arranged to reflect a ripple in water. =)


    The Golden Rule

    R. L Thelin
    May 8, 1995

    “Do unto others, as you would have
    them do unto you.”
    Says the Golden Rule,
    Never to be broken.

    Of the slaves and serfs,
    Of the lords and masters.
    Did any keep the rule,
    Never to be broken?

    Fields of famine, harsh cruelty,
    Death and starvation, Pain and overbearance.
    Did any keep the rule,
    Never to be broken?

    Crusades and wars have come and gone.
    Death and destruction with every one.
    Did any keep the rule,
    Never to be broken?

    Civilization and modernization.
    Politics and backstabbing.
    Death and homelessness, incurable diseases.
    Does anyone keep the rule,
    Never to be broken?


    “O, Johnny*

    R. L. Thelin
    May 10, 1995

    O, Johnny din’a come ‘ome last night,
    Nor early ‘n the mornin’.

    He left to fight for his country,
    He left to fight for his land,

    O, Johnny din’a come ‘ome last night,
    Nor early ‘n the mornin’.

    I tried to spot ‘hm ‘n the distance,
    Alas, these eyes have failed me,

    O, Johnny din’a come ‘ome last night,
    Nor early ‘n the mornin’.

    Where o’ where have you gone to,
    Leaving your Besty behind?
    Wandering, wondering
    When he’ll be back home?

    O, Johnny din’a come ‘ome last night,
    Nor early ‘n the mornin’.

    He left to fight for his country,
    He left to fight for his land,

    O, Johnny please come ‘ome tonight,
    or early ‘n the mornin’.

    *Technically, this is a intended to be a Ballad and should be sung. (And yes, I did put it to music and sign this for my teacher =)


    The Forgotten Door

    R. L. Thelin
    May 9, 1995

    Do you believe in love at first sight.
    That binds you up tight?
    Do you believe in love at first glance,
    Will it withstand the chance?
    Romeo and Juliet said “We do,”
    Look at what fate brought to those two.
    Star crossed lovers, through and through.

    Will your love withstand the test of time,
    Will it last after your prime?
    If the tempest shake,
    And the earth doth quake,
    Will it hold steadfast and true?
    And not disappear in the blue?
    Love opens a door
    That’s rarely ventured anymore.


    Starry Night*
    R. L. Thelin
    May 10, 1995

    A myriad of fantasies
    twinkle to me at night,
    winking their heavy laden eyes.

    “Get up, get up, sleepy heads,”
    Lovingly scolds the sun.

    “Now it’s your turn to
    shine and mine to rest –
    so wake up, you lazy, sleepy heads.”

    They stretch and giggle and sparkle merrily,
    dancing across the heavens.
    “Twirling and whirling,
    They keep in step to their waltz in the sky.

    *Note: This poem was originally presented as a “Concrete Poem”. The text/words were formatted so that they created an outline of 3 star shapes.

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