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    Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    explaining the origin of 'Marcail'

    Ok, for those interested enough to find out just why in the world I use the name "Marcail" or "Marcail Gaelyn" in some of my usernames/email addresses, here's an explanation...


    A long time ago, in a University Campus not that far away....

    I was a member of the BIOLA University Star Wars Club. (Yes, I was even Treasurer, then President, and then an 'Advisor' to the then-President for a while. I proudly admit that I am a geek at heart!). One of the events that the club regularly held were Star Wars themed RPGs (or Role Play Games). Think Dungeons and Dragons but with Star Wars. We'd gather in a lobby of a Dorm or a deserted classroom/Hall lobby and sit around listening to a Game Master spin a story about the Star Wars world and we (or our characters we created) would react to the situations that came up. Some of the more hilarious escapes involved digging out (or attempting to dig out) of an Imperial detention center with a sharpened spoon, and having the SW equivalent of a grenade land in someone's (their character's) lap...with no effect whatsoever!



    Anyways, one of my main RPG characters that I created (I had 2 that I regularly used) was a gal named "Marcail Gaelyn". (pronounced Mar - kail, with a hard c sound and an emphasis on the first syllable). Since we'd address each other in the RPGS with our characters names, I soon got used to responding to the name, and it stuck for many things. (Heck, I just like the name!)

    Soon after I created this character, I used it to create a new (free) email account through hotmail and started using it as my user name for many things. (Aside - Please don't email that hotmail account as I no longer use it!! Too much spam found its way to that email address.)

    Other names from the Star Wars Club days included Rhyla (a Wookie RPG character I occasionally used) and "Tionne" the Jedi Historian and 'Keeper of Jedi Lore' (a character found in the Expanded Universe of the Star Wars saga that pick up in the years after 'Return of the Jedi'). Pretty much each (active) member of the Star Wars Club picked a character from the Star Wars Universe to post as online in our little forum (BIOLA's own Online Bulletin Board System, affectionately known as 'Bubbs').

    Anyways, there you have it! An explanation for why I still occasionally use the name "Marcail" or "Marcail Gaelyn" in random places!

    Hope that satisfies your curiosity.

    -=-Becky (afka - "Marcail Gaelyn" & "Tionne")

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