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    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Zero Dollar Statements

    So, what is it with people not understanding a Statement of Account that shows they have a Zero Dollar Balance? (That they have paid in full for the period of time shown on the statement?!?)

    On the 16th we printed off Late Statements for my work (I work in a commercial real estate company that leases, well, commercial property) and mailed them out. Unfortunately, we didn't pull all the Zero Dollar statements that printed. My fault/oversight...and I am kicking myself for it, believe you me.

    So the next few days we kept receiving phone calls from confused tenants wondering if this means they don't have to pay for January. Really? (Same people wonder if they don't have to pay when there's a problem with the post office delivering our statements - which we have to re-explain are a courtesy only. Rent is always due on the 1st, with or without a statement. Check your lease agreement.)

    Anyways, we get to respond to the confused person that 'No, the statement dated the 16th does not show January charges. It just shows that you have paid in full through the end of December. Please disregard the statement as it was sent out in error and you'll be receiving a statement for January charges shortly.'

    (It gets real old real fast re-explaining that on various phone calls and emails, trust me).

    On Friday, we posted January charges to the tenants account and I printed off all 800+ statements and got them folded/stuffed/postage added and in the mail. (Fun job I have, huh? =)

    And begining on Monday/Yesterday, the confused calls started up once again. Some people were even wondering if they had been doubled billed! (People, please READ the data on the statements. Its fairly self-explanatory, afterall).

    I think I need more coffee if I'm going to deal with more of these type of people today. ;-)

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