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    Monday, December 15, 2008

    Car Update (12/15)

    So, I did talk to my autobody shop and Insurance Adjuster today (around my lunch break).

    The estimate from the appraiser has been written up, and the autobody shop has a copy and they're coming up with a different estimate amount (higher) than the appraiser. (Of course!) So they're currently going back and forth on the details (via fax I'm sure) to negotiate out items that make up the total estimate.

    I'm supposed to get a call back with an update tomorrow morning from the autobody shop. (Yea =).

    As for the Autobody Shop, they've got a good reputation, and my family has used them the last few times we've needed a car fixed up (and they've done a good job, haven't overcharged us, etc.) we trust them/their judgement on how much work its going to take to fix a car.

    Right now, I'm probably looking at around $5,000 to fix my car. (Good thing I just managed to put away the $500 deductible amount with my last paycheck, so I got that part covered at least! Whew! =).

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