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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    Christmas Tamales!

    Each year one of our vendors, Cesar (of Ces-Ga United Business Solutions), brings in home-made Tamales as his Christmas present from his company to us. And each year everyone in the office EAGERLY awaits the arrival of these oh-so-yummy tamales.

    He usually brings in a couple varieties - one chicken, one pork, and one sweet/dessert one. I'm not too keen on the dessert one, but I LOVE the chicken and pork varieties.

    And there's usually home-made salsa and some form of cream (fresh and/or sour) involved too.

    Well, TODAY is the day for 2008. Christmas Tamales should be delivered any moment now...and we're all planning on having Tamales for lunch today! =)

    And look at that! Cesar and his Tamales JUST arrived (as I was about to press Publish on this posting)! How wonderful is that?!? =)

    I'm off to eat Tamales!

    I'm just a-tingle with anticipation. ;-)

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