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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    Car Update (12/17/08)

    I just got off the phone from my Autobody Shop....and good news! The Insurance company has agreed with my autobody shop's estimate (which was higher than what their independent adjuster had initially written up).

    So, the Insurance will pay for basically the $5.5K (I'm rounding) for the repairs, and I'm paying my $500 deductible...and for a new tire (or, rather, a portion of a new tire since they estimated for 30% wear and tear. Which means I am only paying like $60 instead of $180).

    I gave the verbal approval to go ahead and start work on my car to get it repaired. And if there's no suspension damage, then I should theoretically get my car back on the 31st. (This timeframe is of course counting in the fact that the shop is going on Holiday Schedule soon). If, however, there is suspension damage, then it'll obviously take a bit longer for me to get my car back.

    But I'm glad that I've finally got a timeframe and things are moving along. Yea!
    (And I now have a copy of the Estimate in my hands - picked it up off my work fax a moment ago)

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