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    Tuesday, December 09, 2008

    In a Car Accident (12/9)

    Yes, you read correctly. I was just in a car accident earlier this evening.
    On my way home from work, so around 5:40pm, on the 405 So., in between the Jamboree and Culver exit.

    I was attempting to change lanes (from the 3rd lane from the right to the 2nd lane from the right) in order to exit at Culver, when I hit the car ahead of me. As it was stop and go traffic, at least it was a relatively low speed accident (no air bag deployed in my car), but I was quite shaken, and my car is currently not-driveable since the front driver side corner is all smashed in. I barely managed to get it to limp off on to the side of the road.

    After CHP arrived a while later, a tow truck finally arrived, and towed me home. I got to get my stuff from my car, and then they took my car to their lot, where it will wait the night until morning. I'm still have to call my insurance company and have them contract with the lot to take my car to an autobody shop. Now, I wanted AAA to take my car to this place in Orange that my family uses - its very reputable and such - but there was no way the towing company was going to attempt that anytime that night. Too many accidents and too much traffic. They told me that they wouldn't be able to get to towing it to my autobody shop for like 2 hrs. So I gave in and had them drop me off home and take my car to the lot.

    My dad brought me dinner (since I'm on his way back home) and my mom brought her car so that I can use it tomorrow to get to work. (And since my dad was here, he drove my mom home). Gretchen then came over and kept me occupied so that I wasn't thinking about the accident and everything. (Thanks Gretchen! Really appreciate it =)

    So now, I'm trying to clean up a bit, and then go to bed. I'll call the Insurnace company first thing in the morning. I have no idea how much or how long its going to take to get my car straightened out. But I shouldn't think bout that right now. Important thing is that I (and the other people involved in the crash) are ok physically. No one was injured. Whew.

    Ok. and now I should go to bed.


    Jeremiah and Sara said...

    I'm glad to hear you're okay. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

    Tom said...

    I wish you peace.

    Moey said...

    Glad you're okay. I was away from computer last 2 days - hence the delay