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    Monday, December 15, 2008

    Getting back into the busy flow of things

    So, after kinda being thrown out of my 'normal' routine (as well as gearing up for the Holidays - Yea Christmas!) by my Car Crash last Tuesday, I'm finally starting to get back into the swing of things. The weekend was packed with running errands that I didn't get accomplished during the week. But I did make sure to get some 'hanging out' time in as well.

    Friday night unfortunately was shot for getting anything done, as I ended up working till 8pm. I was SWAMPED. But at least things that needed to be done were done, and certain items that needed to be mailed were dropped into the post box outside for Saturday morning pick up. Whew!

    On Saturday morning I finally got my sewing machine in to a repair shop (it had broken down on me during my 1950s project - mid project at that). Funny enough, the entire reason I was exiting the freeway at that particular exit on Tuesday (when I got into the car accident) was because I was on my way to take my sewing machine in to a repair shop to have it looked at (and hopefully dropped off for it to be repaired). With the accident, however, that got put on the back burner. And it obviously needed to be serviced after the accident (no matter that it was giving me problems before the accident). So as of Sat morning, I my machine was dropped off to get serviced (Tension adjustment, & 8 point tune-up), and I did a variety of other errands that have been on my 'to do' list. Including getting my nails done. Yea! =)
    (Of course, I kinda forgot to keep my keys in an easily accessible place for when my nails were done and still I ended up walking over to a book store and browsing...and getting some Christmas shopping done...while I waited for my nails to dry enough to dig my car keys out of my pocket! lol =).

    After I got my various morning/mid-afternoon errands done, I headed up to Fullerton to hang out with the Henlseys. Or, more accurately, with Maegen & Rhiannon, since Chuck was away at a game for the weekend. =) I brought stuff to make dinner (since I DO like cooking for others) and we had a nice time hanging out, me cooking dinner, and then decorating the tree. In the background we either had Christmas music on or a Christmas themed movie. =)

    And since I was the 'tall' person there, I got the honor of putting the Angel on top of the Christmas tree. (Of course, even I wasn't tall enough to tackle that person without the assistance of a chair ;-).

    And for those of you who are curious as to what dinner I prepared...

    I slow cooked some Chicken in white wine, onions and garlic. (I browned the chicken & sauteed the onions/garlic first =). I also made mashed potatoes and cooked carrots (the latter was served with a bit of garlic salt). And of course, since the broth/juice from my cooked chicken makes an excellent base for a gravy...I made a gravy to go with the meal.

    After dinner we put on "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day", a cute movie that Maegen & I had both seen in the theater and were looking forward to seeing again. And we did enjoy the chance to sit and watch the movie. Although truthfully I was a bit distracted at times during the movie, since Rhiannon was playing nearby with some Nutcrackers, and I got involved in playing with her and the Nutcrackers. (Couldn't resist! =) She is my adorable honorary niece, afterall.
    So, while it was a late night, I had a great time and was glad that I had taken the time to relax and hang out with friends.

    Sunday I made it to church (even with a bit of a dehydration headache) in the morning and afterwards I got to hang out a bit with my folks (and have lunch with them), which was nice.

    We talked about a variety of things, including a couple of options regarding my car (once I find out the damage from the Ins. adjuster and get the autobody car estimate), some present ideas for family members, and some ideas for the HCA ( And then I was back on the road and running errands. Well, only one errand really was accomplished that afternoon - JoAnns. The one stop I didn't get done on Saturday. But I needed to go there (especially since I had some 50% off coupons expiring that day). Fortunately/Unfortunately - depends on how you look at it ;-) - I didn't end up spending money on any fabric (which would have been the best use of my coupons). But that's ok. I got a few things I needed, and I've decided to use linen (which I get elsewhere) on a few upcoming projects instead.

    I had meant to also go and pick up a Christmas tree for myself (my apartment) and get my Christmas Decorations out...but I ran out of time. I just ended up fixing some leftovers for myself and getting to work on my Christmas Cards (which I really wanted to get in the mail as soon as possible). I managed to get almost 60 done (about 2/3 of my entire list) while White Christmas was playing in the background. After that, I gave up on Christmas cards for the night. =) (Which means that tonight's goal - Monday night - is to finish those remaining 30 something cards).


    And today, if I can manage it on my lunch break, I'll be calling my Ins. Adjuster (and possibly the autobody shop?) on my lunch break. I think I'll leave running errands till tomorrow (or at least after work) - hopefully the rain and resulting craziness (drivers) will have died down by then.

    Ok. Back to work for a bit (at least until my lunch break! =).

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