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    Thursday, December 04, 2008

    Current Sewing Project: 1950s outfit

    So, I'm doing a quick project so I can wear a 1950s outfit on Sunday to White Christmas (showing at the LA Theater - see my previous blog posting in November =).

    Well, Colleency was nice enough to loan me a dress so I don't have to start from scratch (with basically a week to make an outfit). Yea for Collency! =) You rock! So all I need to do is make a belt and a petticoat (with tulle) to make the dress 1950s. And of course accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

    Maegen loaned me one of her set of pearls (her grandmother's I believe she said) and a pearl bracelet (which she made), and I have a little black velvet headband hat (with black feathers) that I'll be wearing. And of course some gloves (white with black polka dots - also loaned by Collency), stockings, heals and a nice hairdo/make-up will complete the picture! (I might even have a small purse that will work with this outfit too).

    What would really be nice is if my recently ordered book, How to Handle Long Hair -- Recreating Glamorous 1950s Hairstyles ( ), arrives in time for me to try out one or more of the hairstyles and see if any will work for Sunday's outing.

    I'm so excited about Sunday.

    Which means today's goal for my Lunch Break Errands: purchase supplies (such as tulle) needed at I can get started with cutting & sewing tonight!

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