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    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    update (post car crash)

    Didn't get much sleep last night.
    Decided (upon a friend's recommendation) to just stay home today to rest and take care of things. Good thing, cause with not getting much sleep last night I needed extra time to sleep this morning).

    I called Irvine tow truck company where my car ended up overnight around 7:50a, so they could release my car to the autobody shop (who contracts with another tow company - and they'll get my car towed to the autobody shop). They were ok with me giving a verbal release of the car to be picked up by my autobody shop. (yea)

    Called the Autobody Shop next (so just before 8am) and gave them details. (The tow company's lot location, my car's make/model & liscense, etc.).

    Then I went back to bed and slept for a couple of hours.

    Got up around 10am (Still groggy) and then got myself some food, listened to the message from my landlord (saying that the microwave will be installed sometime early this afternoon), and then called my Insurance company.

    So, just before 11am, I got off the phone with the Insurance Company. That was relatively painless, actually. Gave my details, got my claim number, and was told that I would hear from/have an adjuster out to view the car in about 2 business days. (Could be worse).

    Then I called my autobody shop to let them know the timeframe for the adjuster to come out (since they requested that info, if I was told by the insurance co).

    Called work after that to check in. Spoke with Sophie, gave her my update, and asked if they needed me. She, of course, said no. Things were quite enough, so go ahead and take the entire day to get things done.

    And that's it so far.
    Going to do laundry and take care of some things here at home. (And wait for the contractors/installers to arrive for the new microwave installation this afternoon).

    And for all of you that have sent me well wishes and (virtual) hugs...THANK YOU!!!
    =) Very Much Appreciated.

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