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    Monday, March 01, 2010

    Tommy & the High Pilots @ Ground Zero Pics online

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    On Saturday, Feb 20th, Elizabeth McCash, Gretchen Foltz & myself drove up to USC to see Tommy & the High Pilots perform at a student run coffeeshop (Ground Zero). We got there just as the first band was finishing up, but managed to snag seats/a table for the second band - which turned out to only be 1 member of the band (other member had a grandmother's birthday party he had to attend - so decent excuse for not being there :). 2nd band was the Martyrs (from Santa Barbara, I believe) - they're on Myspace at

    Considering it was just one guy on stage for most of his show (he had a few special guests come onstage for a couple of songs to play with him), he was pretty decent. I'd listen to him again. :)

    As for the Pilots, they rocked - as usuall! :) Tons of energy on stage! Crowd was definitely in to their playing too. Definitely a great show - so glad I came. Plus I got to give them a bunch of home-made cookies & lemon squares. ;-)

    The lighting during the show kept changing, so that made taking pics (& occasionally videos) interesting/challenging. There were a few shots that might have been ok except that the spotlight completely washed a few people out. Also, while my location in crowd (front & center - in front of stage) was ok for most of the sound and really didn't pick up the sounds center mic very well. Bummer, cause that means that the recording didn't pick up the harmonic when Tom was playing (during their cover of "Desire")

    Anyways, that's my thoughts for now. If you haven't checked them out, you should TOTALLY try out Tommy & the High Pilots. They'll be playing at the Viper Room (in LA) later this month (March 25th - email them to get in FREE)!

    For More Info on Tommy & the High Pilots, check out:

    Oh, and back to my Pics!
    Here's the link to my Flickr set of the Pilots @ Ground Zero
    (all pics & video) :

    To see the Videos on Youtube:

    And if anyone wants to try listening to them, I have some of their demo cds to pass out - just contact me. I'll get one to you. :)

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