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    Monday, March 01, 2010

    time for a change in hair...

    Ok, I'm pretty much ready for a change in my current hair style - but what? Part of me wants to do something get a Bob haircut. :) My sister-in-law told me a while back she think it'd look good on me and obviously it stuck.

    Also haven't dyed my hair in a while either.

    So, should I dye it AND cut it? :)

    Only problem if I do a drastic hairstyle, is that it'll make doing up my hair for some of my reenactment/costume events more difficult. And I might have to buy new hairpieces to match whatever color I dye it (if I dye it).

    Playing with hair can be expensive.

    But my current hair length/color/style is annoying me.

    So, any suggestions?

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