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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    Things are looking up!

    Even though I had a LATE night last night, working on Costume College (class) stuff, I can now say that I'm *almost* done. My power point presentations are at a stage that I'm satisfied (and don't need to tweak anyore). Now I just need to work on my Handout for the Regency class and work with Becca on our shared class (Timeline) to get that handout finished. (At least that one is MOSTLY done). Whew!
    So, tonight, I should be able to go to Kinkos after work and get my transparencies & handouts made. And then I can go to JoAnns to buy the items I need for my limited class (that I'm attending). And tomorrow morning I can pack and do a couple of errands (like pick up a few food items, put gas in my car, pick up an ice chest from my folks...and a set of speakers for my ipod) and then be on my way to Van Nuys for the Convention.
    And this year, I'm bringing my baithing suit (again) - and I am hopeful that I'll actually get some time to relax and use the pool at the hotel. (In all the years I've stayed at this hotel, I've never once made it to the pool. Fingers crossed for this year! =).


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