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    Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Foyle's War: Set 5 (upcoming DVD release)

    FYI post about the upcoming DVD release of Set 5 of Foyle's War.

    Technically, Set 5 is really season 6, but in the US they combined seasons 4 & 5 for the "Set 4" dvd release. (Apparently, they only had 2 episodes for Season 4 and 2 episodes for Season 5, so it kinda makes sense to bundle them together for DVD least it does for us over here! =)

    Release Date for Set 5: August 5, 2008

    3 Episodes:

    "PLAN OF ATTACK"—With the Hastings police force suffering attrition and low morale, Foyle comes out of retirement to probe the mysterious death of a cartographer from the Air Ministry office.

    "BROKEN SOULS"—The murder of an ambitious young doctor at the local psychiatric clinic produces no shortage of suspects among the staff and patients, many of whom still experience the war’s horrors.

    "ALL CLEAR"—With final victory expected any day, Hastings looks ahead to a radically different post-war life. But the end comes too soon for two men—one a murder victim, the other an apparent suicide.

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    Jeremiah & Sara said...

    So Exciting!!! We still need to watch Season 4/5. I'm just glad to know that that isn't the end.