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    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Crazy Busy Days

    Ok, so not only am I currently busy with getting final details together for Costume College (a few things related to the Board/planning committe, but mostly getting ready for my 3 classes), I'm also completely swamped at work. My co-worker with whom I split the Lease Administrator job is currently on vacation (has been for about a week and a half now)...and things finally 'picked up' over here. Net result: Going crazy with the volume of work! I can't keep up with it.


    (Oh, and that's also not counting the fact that I'm also prepping for my next Civil War event which is at the end of August in Huntington Beach...and helping with some preliminary planing for my 30th Birthday party).

    Like I said. Going crazy right now.

    Back to work.

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