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    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    Costume College is ALMOST here!

    Ok, so the last few days I've been trying (not very sucessfully, I may add) to not panic as Costume College (R) gets closer. I've got three classes that I'm scrambling to finishin preparing for...and I would love to get a new petticoat done (to wear on Sunday during "Sunday Undies") but I'm thinking I just don't have the time to work on it.

    The week and a half I was swamped at work really killed me on some of my prep time. I was so overwhelmed at work (and working late hourse/overtime), that I had no time/energy to devote to Costume College prep.

    Oh well.

    Yesterday I had a sinus headache/migraine that woke me up at 3am and didn't really let me go back to sleep (even with meds). I think I dozed about an hour between 4:30am and 5:30am. So I was in no shape to work on Monday. I attempted to come in to work (late) for a few hours, but that was all I could managed (about 2-1/2 hrs) since I would get dizzy when I stood up, light hurt my eyes, and my head (and sinuses) were just killing me. So I went back home to eat lunch and sleep/rest.

    I think my body was just trying to tell me that I *really* needed a break from all my stressing out and worrying over preparing for this year's Costume College (and at the same time also doing some preliminary planning for the August Huntington Beach Civil War Days event over Labor DAy and also help with a bit of my 30th Birthday planning). Too many things going on right now! =)

    So, as of this morning, I'm starting to feel a bit better about my 3 presentations/classes. They still need a bit of work, but they're just about done. 2 of my classes I should be able to use power point, and one I will have to use transparencies (the power point I'm borrowing is already in use at the time of my class). Plus I've got handouts for each of my classes. They're mostly done, which is one reason I'm starting to feel a bit more like its coming together. The 1860s Woman handout only needs a slight tweak. The Timeline class handout (my portion) is 80-90% finished. And the Regency Etiquette class is probably about 80% finished.

    Whew! Now I just need to finish off the presentations, get the Regency Etiquette presentation transferred from power point to Transparencies, and get a BUNCH of handouts printed for the classes. Oh, and I need to stop at JoAnns to pick up some items for one of my limited classes that I'll be attending as a student. I almost forgot that there is one class that I do need to bring supplies. (Most of the classes I attend are lecture/demo classes, where all I really need to bring is note-taking material and occasionally a basic sewing kit. This class is obviously more - we'll be making our very own metal-framed purse in class!).

    And for those intested in what three classes *I'll* be teaching these year, they are (with class descriptions):

    1860s Woman (Average American Women's Dress in the 1860s)

    Instructor will discuss what the average American woman wore during the 1860s. Emphasis on middle/working class but will also present a brief look at more well-to-do "average" people. A brief look at undergarments will be given. As time permits, we will also discuss resources available for sewing patterns, fabrics, trims to help create your own basic day wear.

    Teacher Provides: Handout
    Length of Class: 1 hr, 20 minutes
    Class Type: Lecture

    “Regency Etiquette” (or “Etiquette, Deportment, and Social Manners in Regency England”)

    Have you ever wondered why it was so improper for Mr. Collins to introduce himself to Mr. Darcy? Or how about the proper length of time when Paying a Call? What IS the “Red Book” and why is it so important when drawing up a guest list? Was it proper to dine with gloves on or off? Well, then this is the class for you! We will cover Introductions, Order of Precedence, Paying Calls, Dining, Dancing, Deportment, and any other related topics that we can squeeze in. If time permits, a Q & A session will follow the lecture.

    Teacher Provides: Handout
    Length of Class: 1 hr, 20 minutes
    Class Type: Lecture

    and my last class, which I'm co-teaching with Rebecca Metzger, is:

    Timeline of Costuming: A Silhouette Review

    Are you easily confused by the variety of fashion eras and their corresponding dates? Can you tell the difference between Rococo & Georgian or Victorian & Edwardian? If not, come join us we explore the fashion silhouettes of the early 1700s to 1920s.

    Teacher Provides: Handout
    Length of Class: 50 minutes
    Class Type: Lecture

    So, those are all the classes I'm currently preparing for this year. Whew!

    All good stuff, lots of great information...and I'm very excited to be teaching on these topics. If I can only survive until then.


    Good thing I'm *finally* starting to feel like I'm seeing that light at the end of the tunnel!

    For More information on Costume College, check out its website at

    To see a list of Teachers presenting at this year's Costume College (including my bio), check out

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