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    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Summer Cleaning in progress

    So, since I had taken so much out of my house for the fumigation (of my condo complex) last weekend, I've decided to take the opportunity of cleaning before I put everything away. (Why not? The shelves are empy - so I might as well clean them before I put them back). And while I'm at it, I'm also washing all my dishes/pots & pans and clothing that I left behind. I know it says that the fumes dissipate and all, but for my own piece of mind, I want to wash them before using them.

    Plus, if I wash the dishes/pots & pans, then I can get to those shelves to clean those ones as well. And my washing ALL my clothing means I'm actually going through my closet/dresser and getting rid of a few things that I never seem to wear. (And packing away items that really are just to small for me, but I'm hopeful to wear again).

    I started this cleaning process on Tuesday night (after work). Monday, 6/23, was spent going back up to Garden Grove to retrieve perishable food itmes that I had left with my folks in their fride/freezer (and a few other boxes I hadn't taken home yet). So, since I was there, I had dinner with them, which meant that I didn't end up leaving for home with my car packed up until sometime after 8pm. (Might have been close to 9pm, really). Which meant I had a LATE night, since I needed to get all that stuff inside so that it wouldn't sit in my car (in the hot sun) all day at work. And all the perishable food items needed to be unpacked from the cooler into the fridge right away (since I had no ice in there - just a few cold packs for the journey).

    So on Tuesday (6/24) started the cleaning/unpacking process and the sorting of my clothes into (huge!) laundry piles. I mangaed a few loads of laundry done and some unpacking of both kitchen & bathrooms supplies (onto newly cleaned shelves) before heading to bed just before midnight.

    Yesterday at work was another "not enough to do" day, so I took off early so I could go home and work more on cleaning/organizing. I did a LOT yesterday, but it still is only a dent in the sheer overwhelming amount of work I signed myelf up for accomplishing. But the mess is certainly starting to look better (more like I'm actually accomplishing something), so hopefully I'll be all done with this soon.

    Cleaning & Unpacking sure is tiring work! (It's *almost* like I moved...again...but I haven't! =).

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