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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    "If I Had A Talking Picture Of You" Lyrics

    Another song featured on the Jeeves & Wooster soundtrack.
    I'm not sure, but I think this song is originaly from 1930.
    (Wikipedia lists it on its "1930 in Music" page as a 'Top Hit on Record' at least).
    Wikipedia says that Jack Hylton performs the song, but not if he wrote it.
    And on the "Jeeves & Wooster at the Hat Sharpening Shop" site:
        - The Period Song Reference section says that the composer is "DeSylva/Brown/Henderson". And this list is direct from Granada TV's music department (the tv production company that did the Jeeves & Wooster show), so I guess we can just go with that info.

    "If I Had A Talking Picture Of You"


    If I had a talking picture of you,
    I would run it every time I felt blue,
    I would sit there in the gloom,
    Of my lonely little room,
    And applaud each time you whispered:
    'I love you, love you!'

    On the screen the moment you came in view,
    We would talk the whole thing over, we two,
    I would give ten shows a day,
    And a midnight matinee,
    If I had a talking picture of you

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    Jeremiah & Sara said...

    Very Fun! I just sang it to Jeremiah :)