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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Fumigation Woes

    For those of you that haven’t heard me talk of this, yet, I am in the midst of packing up my place for a ‘fun’ weekend of Fumigation. Oh Joy! The Condo Association has decided it’s time to tent the entire complex and they’re having the process spread out over three weekends. I’m one of the “lucky” ones that gets to be tented in the first batch/weekend. Yeah for me.

    Anyways, the last few nights (mostly last night, really) I’ve been busy with packing up food/perishable items from my place. Once I used up all the boxes I had on hand (packing up pantry items, mainly), I loaded the boxes into my car and took them with me to work. For the next few days those items will be living with me under my desk at work! =) Good thing I have a large desk area (with empty space below the desktop)!

    I’ve barely made a dent in my bathroom stuff…that’s tonight’s task, I guess. That, and the refrigerator. (My mom is bringing by an ice chest for me to use, so I can empty at least some of the fridge contents into the ice chest for the weekend).

    The Fumigators are arriving at 7am tomorrow morning (Friday) to do their walk-thru (make sure we haven’t left anything) and for us to hand over our keys to them. 7 am!!! It’s going to be an early morning, I can say that. (And I’ll DEFINITELY be at work on time tomorrow, at least =). I’ll be spending the weekend up at my folks house in Garden Grove. (I have tentative plans to hang out with a few friends Friday night – catch a movie – and on Saturday to go Regency Dancing in Anaheim, since I’m in the area anyways)

    Eventually, my roommate and I will be allowed back into our unit after 5:00pm on Sunday (22nd). And then we get the task of putting everything back. (Looking forward to that about as much as the whole packing up process =). Plus, on Monday one of us has to stick around to meet the gas company (no information yet on as to if *we* have to call to arrange a time to meet or not) in order to get the gas turned back on.

    Such fun in store for us these next few days….not!


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